Online Shopping in Uganda: 10 Frequently Asked Questions Answered

online shopping

Since technology is something we cannot live without, many people are actually embracing online shopping. It is very a convenient  way of shopping as you can plan on what to buy basing on the different pricing and also track your order till delivery. Through online shopping, you are able to get a variety of products ranging from fashion, gadgets, food, automobiles among others.

Online shops like have a return policy that allows you return what you feel isn’t worth your money. As the online shopping industry in Uganda grows, questions keep ringing in people’s minds on different aspects of the business. Others are actually skeptical to try out online shopping.

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We compiled 10 most frequently asked questions and answered them from our daily experiences with online shopping.

Why Shop Online?

This question is basically about the advantages that come with online shopping as compared to offline shopping. There are many reasons to embrace online shopping such as; time saving, availability of discounts that don’t require you to bargain in order to receive any, it is easier to find original products online most especially when you have ordered from the original manufacturer among others.

What Do I Need to Shop Online?

To shop online, there will be an obvious need for internet in order to access the shopping website. Also, you will need a working gadget that can grant you access to the internet. Your gadget needs to have a fast and user friendly web browser.

Different online stores have different modes of payment that range from credit card, mobile money to cash on delivery. You need to have the necessary payment option in place.

How Do I Find a Product in the Online Shop?

Depending on the seller, some brands are available on the online store while others aren’t. The online shopping sites have a dedicated search button that you can make use of to search for the product you are looking for.

On sites like Jumia, products are arranged in categories so its easier for you to make a selection of your choice or its alternatives. This arrangement is also favorable if you don’t know the brand name of the product you are searching for.

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Why Does the Store Want Me to Register and Log In?

Most people are afraid that once they register, their private information, say of the Facebook account or email address can be compromised with. The authentic online shopping sites aren’t interested in hacking your information but rather such is useful when making and tracking your order.

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How do I get Help?

So in case you are stuck in the process of ordering for a product, how do you get help? Most online shopping sites have a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Just click there and click on the question corresponding your query and you will find answers. Alternatively, you can click on the Contact Us section where you will be availed the contact details of that site that you can reach directly.

How Do I Order?

This is arguably the most important part of online shopping. I mean you are on the site because you want to buy a product. The ordering process is pretty simple: You select the product you want to buy, select the quantities and other specifications like size, add the product to your cart, update your address information and select the payment method of your choice then check out. An email may be sent to you to confirm your order.

How Fast will I get delivery?

After an order has been made, normally you need to know when the delivery is likely to be made so that you plan to receive it. When ordering for something from Jumia, it will take 2-3 days for the delivery to be made. If ordering for products from outside the country, it takes about a week or two.

What About Returning a Product?

Different online sites have different return policies for their products. These are normally written in the terms and conditions section on the site. When you receive the product, make sure you inspect it to your liking. If there is something you don’t like about the product, you organise for its return based on the company’s procedure.

What can I do to avoid scams and fraud online?

Frauds are a common occurrence on the internet. First and foremost, the gadget where you carry out online transactions from must be clean of any malware and viruses. Make sure you clear history, cache and cookies once you are done making the order. Secure your email since that is where the tracking information is sent. Make sure your order is being made from the genuine website. among others.

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How do I Track My order?

It is important to track your order to know whether it has been shipped and when its going to be delivered. Most online shops send this information in terms of emails and SMS texts so make sure you have provided them the right information.

As online shopping grows in Uganda, there are many online shops coming up. Examples of online shops in Uganda include: Jumia, Kikuu, Olx, Uggadgets among others. Above are the FAQs and they are designed to help you make an informed decision about how to carry out your online transactions.


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