Android Q OS: More Updates on Likely Features

As there are news and updates about top smartphones from the giant OEMs from time to time, so also are there updates about the software running the show on these devices. Well, in this case, it’s the Android Q, otherwise known as Android 10.

First and foremost, there’s an extensive list that covers at least ten things to expect in the Android Q OS. Whether it’s going to be named Android Quail or Android Quiche or any of those fabulous desserts, Google hasn’t divulged such information neither have leaksters like Evan Bass or Roland Quandt reveal anything close.

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Having said that, here are additional features that will likely show up on the OS:

Innate support for improved facial recognition

The Android Q will be fully furnished with native support for advanced and more secure facial ID. Its level of security is said to be in line with 3D sensor similar to Apple’s facial recognition.

This way, most Android phones (including entry-level) will come with the facial security as opposed to when upper mid-range and high-end devices primarily supported it. Additionally, users will not only use their faces for device unlocking but also to make payments and authenticate apps.

Reverse app updates

This feature entails that users can uninstall updates from system apps, as well as, third-party apps. It comes as a development to the Android Pie OS‘s ability to uninstall only in-built apps. With these permissions in place, the phone’s app store will be able to rollback the unwanted updates. Cases, when updates are unwanted, are mostly when they’re bugged.

Previously, we disclosed that the OS would be launched between May and June this year. For more specifics, it will be made official on May 7th at Google’s I/O conference. As more updates show up, we’ll keep you posted.

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