The MTN 2-in-1 MiFi and Power bank is a great upgrade, but misses just one feature to make it perfect

mtn uganda 4g lte mifi

Early this year, MTN Uganda launched a 4G LTE 2-in-1 MiFi with a 5,000mAh battery bank and that can connect up to 10 users. The value is obvious to see; you get MiFi that hooks your devices to the internet while at the same time acting as a power bank. Should your smartphone run out of battery, you can still juice it up with the MiFi. Brilliant.

So it’s obvious why you should upgrade your current MiFi which doesn’t have a power bank. You only have to pay UGX 189,000 for the 2-in-1 MiFi. That comes packed with 3GB of data valid for 30 days.

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But for us, we think MTN could have even done better with their new MiFi with just one more feature; storage.

What MTN is selling with their new MiFi isn’t just an internet device; it’s an extension of your smartphone. Because smartphones pack several features nowadays, there are lot of compromises. One of them being battery capacity which the MiFi now sorts out with an external power bank. But the other is storage capacity.

Most mid-range phones come with 16-32GB internal storage. If your smartphone is a multimedia hub of music and movies, that storage will fill up in no time and you’ll soon find yourself deleting your precious files or going for an expensive upgrade.

But if the MTN 2-in-1 MiFi also had an additional storage capacity of say 32 or 64GB or even 128GB, that would be a welcome addition to your mobile accessories. The MiFi connects to your phone via Micro USB cable and with OTG or USB On-The-Go functionality supported by most smartphones today, you can access files from the MiFi the same way you access data from USB Flash on your laptop.

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If MTN wants to get even fancier, they can turn the MiFi into a wireless portable external hard drive so you don’t need USB cables at all. Even better, the MiFi can share files between 10 different users or devices connected to the MiFi for internet. And because the files are stored in the MiFi, connected devices won’t use the internet to play or stream music or videos on the MiFi.

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With this, the MTN 2-in-1 could actually become a 3-in-1 one of the kind device; a portable hotspot, a power bank and a wireless media hub. Wow. Who wouldn’t want that? Obviously you would expect the cost of the device to reasonably bump up a bit by a few more Shilling. For now, we can only wait and see what the Telecom giant has up its sleves.


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