How to reverse an M-PESA Transaction using mySafaricom App

Safaricom is constantly seeking to find new innovative ways to put more and more control into the customer’s hands and with the version of their mySafaricom app, customers now have the ability to reverse send money M-Pesa transactions right from within the app.

Safaricom has already taken numerous steps in ensuring cases of sending money to the wrong number are minimal, mostrly thanks to the Hakikisha service that brings up the name of the customer you’re about to send funds to, before the funds are sent, and also giving the provision to cancel the transaction should the name not match with whoever you’re trying to send funds to.

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There’s also an easy way to reverse the transaction, sending the transaction code to 234, or calling the M-PESA dedicated customer service centre for immediate help.

How to reverse M-PESA Transactions using mySafaricom App.

It goes without mention that to do this, you must be running the latest version of mySafaricom App. So head on out to your App Store or Play Store and get the update. You will then need to launch the mySafaricom app and navigate to M-PESA > M-PESA statement > Mini Statement and tap on the reversal icon that appears against each transaction in the list.

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You will notice that the app now offers the green reverse button next to every transaction. You can then simply tap on that and the reversal process has been initiated.

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