Infinix Zero 6: What we like & don’t like (so far)

infinix smartphones zero 6

If there is anything to be proud of Infinix Mobility about, it’s got to be the company’s consistency. With just over 5 years in the smartphone ecosystem, the Infinix brands have released a handful of smartphones of different models and under numerous series/categories.

The latest product from the brand is the newly-announced Infinix Zero 6 and Zero 6 Pro, both of which are successors to the Infinix Zero 5 and Zero 5 Pro. The devices are the latest flagships from the Chinese OEM and the newest addition to the company’s Zero Series. Albeit pre-order dates and prices for the devices have been announced, not all the feature were announced, at least extensively. And heck (as at the time of concocting this piece), there are no details or product pages for the flagship devices on the company’s official website.

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However, from the available features we have at hand, we proceed to highlight some things we like about Infinix’s latest flagship device as well as some other things we think the company could have done better.

PS: You can expect to see a redefined sequel to this article perhaps when we spend quality hands-on time reviewing the device(s).

Infinix Zero 6: What we like

The Shooters!

Infinix Zero 6

Devices from the ‘Zero’ series almost always have the best cameras when compared to Infinx phones from other series. The new Infinix Zero 6 isn’t any different either. In fact, this might just be the best camera on an Infinix device, ever! The Zero 6 will launch with a dual camera set-up on the rear with 24-megapixels and 12MP primary and secondary lens respectively.

Now, these lenses are no ordinary lenses as they have powerful AI software in place to enhance picture quality and do a lot more. For example, the Zero 6’s camera software allows the device identify scenes and subjects (like food, plants, sport, sunrise, sunset etc) when capturing images, thereby optimizing the camera settings to produce the best image quality depending on the scene or object you’re capturing.

Infinix Zero 6

Some other standout features of the Zero 6’s camera like 4-in-1 Low Light technology, Slow Motion support for video capture, as well as Google Lens & Assistant integration are some of the things we also love about the device. In fact, it is why the device would most likely trump the Tecno Camon C11 Pro.

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The 24-megapixels front-facing camera of the Zero 6 also supports ‘AI Beauty’. Infinix calls it “The camera that is intelligent”. True, the specs (on paper) look promising and ‘intelligent’ but we’d wait to find out when the device hits stores.

That Glassy Gloss

Infinix Zero 6

While we had previously expressed our disappointment with Infinix’s decision to jump on the cliche “notched-display-with-dual-camera-and-rear-fingerprint” design bandwagon, we cannot deny that the glass covering on the rear is beautiful and improves the premiumness ranking of the device. It’s the first member of the “Zero” series to have Corning Gorilla Glass on the front and rear.

Overall though, the aesthetical appearance of the Zero 6 is mundane…and we think Infinix could have done better.

Gradient Skin

Although this also isn’t a unique feature, it is interesting to see Infinix hop on the trend. The Infinix Zero 6 will launch in two different colour variants (Milan Black and Sapphire Cyan) but only the latter comes with a gradient skin.

What could have been better

A plate of Pie

Originally, the Infinix Zero 6 was supposed to launch Q4 last year. There were a lot of reasons why we thought Infinix held back the flagship, and one of them was that, perhaps, the OEM had plans to release the device with the latest Android 9 Pie out-of-the-box. Sadly, the device will debut with Android 8.1 Oreo, with the promise of an Android 9 OTA later in the future.

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Android Pie out-of-the-box would have been super awesome! Also, it’d have made the delay more worthwhile.


The Zero 6 and zero 6 Pro will ship with 3,570mAh and 3,650mAh battery respectively. These are decent battery capacities, but the Camon C11 Pro sports a 3,750mAh battery backup. And to think the Zero 6 Pro (Ksh 31,999) costs Ksh 8,000 more than the Camon C11 Pro (Ksh 23,999), the battery could have been better; at least 4,000mAh.

The Zero 6 and Zero 6 Pro could have made it to our list of best Infinix smartphones for 2018 but they weren’t released last year. Now, however, that the flagships have been launched, they currently are the best (and priciest) devices from Infinix ever! Again, the devices have only been announced and are not available for retail yet. When they are, we’d come up with a more comprehensive review and list.

But for now, these are the aspects of the flagship devices that we like and dislike. Any thoughts?


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