The Zero, Hot, Note, and Smart series: A guide to Infinix smartphones

Founded in 2012, Infinix Mobility, a Chinese original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has risen all the way from the bottom to holding a strong share of the smartphone market in a number of African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, Uganda, etc. as well as international markets like India, China etc.

Although the company is based and headquartered in Asia, the entire processes that make up an Infinix phone right from design to sales are spread across different countries and continents. The Transsion Holdings-owned company designs its devices in Europe (France), does research and development (R & D) as well as manufacturing in China while sales of its devices is done in markets across 30 different countries in the Middle East and Africa.

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Interestingly, like any smartphone maker, Infinix Mobility produces almost all tiers of smartphones for all the available classes of phone users with relation to features and price. So, if all you need or want on a smartphone is an high-end camera, long-lasting battery, ultra-fast processor, or perhaps a budget-friendly entry-level Android device, there is an Infinix phone that qualifies.

In the paragraphs below, we highlight the key specifications and features of all the series under which Infinix Mobility categorizes its products.

The ‘ZERO’ Series

Just like Samsung’s Note / Galaxy-S series, the Zero series is the topmost series of Infinix Mobility. This series houses flagship smartphones of the mobile brand; the best Infinix phones can be found in this series.

Created in 2014, the pioneering member of this series was the Infinix ZERO and was equally the brand’s flagship for the year (2014). Codenamed ‘X506’, the Infinix ZERO launched with a premium body of glass and metal mix and was also the first smartphone from the OEM to run the Android KitKat (v4.4) operating system.

Follow-up members of the series include the Infinix Zero 2 (X509), Zero 3 (X552), Zero 4 (X555), and Zero 5 (X603). The Zero 4 and Zero 5 are available in Plus and Pro variants respectively.

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To add, the Zero series is where you’d find top-tier premium Infinix phones with the best processing prowess and camera. Likewise, products in this series are always the most expensive phones from the brand. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Zero series is focused on Infinix fans and loyalists with a much deeper pocket and high purchasing power.

The ‘NOTE’ Series

This series houses Infinix Mobility’s upper mid-range devices. Need an Infinix smartphone with large display, long-lasting battery, and won’t cut too much into your purse? The Note series is the right category to make your search. Members of this series include the Infinix Note, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 and Note 5. The Note 5 is the latest addition to the series with a massive 6.0-inch display (in 18:9 aspect ratio), 4GB of RAM, and 4,500mAh battery.

Infinix Note 4 Pro with X-Pen stylus

Another unique thing about this series is the X-Pen, the official Infinix mobile stylus pen which is only supported/compatible with some devices (Note 4 Pro and Note 5 Stylus) in the Note series.

‘SMART’ Series

This series is just over a year old and currently houses over three SMART-phones: the Infinix Smart, Infinix Smart 2, and Infinix Smart 2 Pro. This series is targeted at “young and entertainment-savvy” customers. The Infinix Smart (X5010) is the pioneer device from this entry-level budget-friendly series and houses dual front-facing speakers with dual power amplifier and 3D surround sound.

Need an amazingly affordable Infinix device with basic Android features? Coupled with impressive audio capabilities? The Smart series is one of the best bet.

‘HOT’ Series

The HOT is arguably the most popular series the Transmission Holdings owned company. Equally, some of the earliest, most popular, best-selling and record-breaking phones from Infinix inhabit this series. The first Infinix smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, for example, comes from the HOT series — Infinix Hot S. The Infinix Hot 2, also a member of Hot series, was the first Android One smartphone to launch in Africa.

Infinix Hot 2

The ‘Hot S’ line of phones is sort of a sub-series of the Hot series and sport stunning front-facing cameras for selfie lovers. Selfie lover? You should check out the Hot S3X (the first smartphone with a notched display from the brand), Hot S2, Hot S2 Pro or Hot S should you want to purchase an Infinix phone.

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Infinix Hot 6X

Other renowned phones from the Hot series include Infinix Hot 4, Infinix Hot 6X, Infinix Hot 6 Pro etc.

In terms pricing, Infinix smartphones in their respective series follow this (high to low) order: ZERO >> NOTE >> HOT >> SMART. You can find the exact pricing of Infinix Mobility phones in Uganda on this page.

And to conclude, we ask: Do you use an Infinix smartphone(s)? What series is/are the device(s) from? Which of the above series is your favorite? Or houses your favorite Infinix phone?


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