Dark mode on Facebook messenger rolls out globally for everyone

About a month ago, Facebook Messenger introduced an emoji-based teaser, to enable people to use dark mode. Today, the update is rolling out worldwide. You can darken your screen while using the iOS and Android app from your settings.

Dark mode is a great asset for minimizing the light from your device’s screen to your eyes. Various apps, for example, Youtube and Twitter, have integrated and modified the dark mode since it was well received by the users.

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How to activate Dark mode on Facebook Messenger

Activation of the dark mode on Facebook messenger is pretty easy. Just tap your profile photo in Messenger to access your settings and toggle on dark mode to switch the chat aesthetic from white to black.

Facebook messenger dark mode

GIF Illustration of how to activate Dark mode on Facebook Messenger. | Source: Facebook

Dark mode provides lower brightness while maintaining contrast and vibrancy. Dark mode cuts down the glare from your phone for use in low light situations, so you can use the Messenger features you love no matter when or where you are.

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Benefits of using Dark Mode

  • Improved Readability of Text
  • Better Contrast
  • Reduced Eye Fatigue
  • Less Flicker
  • Less Blue Light
  • Less Prone to Triggering Photophobia
  • Can Save Small Amounts of Battery charge.

Dark Mode uses a dark color scheme and is great most especially if you use your phone at night. Kudos to Facebook messenger for finally rolling it out to everyone. Fingers crossed as we wait for dark mode to roll out on other apps.


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