Spotify will now offer 3 months of free trial for premium subscriptions

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Today, Spotify announced it will now be offering a three months trial period for new users that wants to go premium. This puts it on par with Apple Music which offers 3 months of trial as well since launch. Spotify has been quite busy lately with changes like the addition of parental control to its Premium Family plan and testing it Premium Duo plan as well.

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Before now, you can only get a month free trial of Spotify Premium plans as a new user but now it is three months across all its Premium plans. This includes the Student plans, Individual plans, Family plans, and the Duo plans which is still being tested. Another good news is that this is not a limited time offer, rather, it is a new standard that Premium trials will be on going forward.

Besides attracting more users to test the Premium plan, it will also provide more time for the user to get used to the features therein. Also, there will be more tendency for the user to get accustomed to the service over a longer time of using the Premium plan trial. On Spotify’s end, it has more time to personalize the user experience through their listening history and offer more personalized recommendations.


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