You can now hail a Little Cab using WhatsApp

The ride-hailing industry is a rather competitive one with new entrants like Twende App and InDriver really trying to curve themselves a piece of the pie from the bigger players like Uber and Bolt. They do this using ingenious innovations and new ways to do things.

One player that is really trying to innovate and bring up new features is Little. Recently we saw the launch of Little Longhaul, a shuttle service from Nairobi to Naivasha and Nakuru, aimed squarely at the PSV service.

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Today, Little is yet at it again with a rather trivial feature we didn’t know we needed. You can now hail a ride using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is by far the most used Instant Messaging platform we have today. It has almost replaced SMS entirely for most people with it’s feature-rich text and encryption. That isn’t even factoring in the fact that many carriers have Free WhatsApp as a bonus to most of their data packages.

How to Hail a ride on Little Cab using WhatsApp

You don’t need to have the Little App installed. I’m not sure if you need to have a Little account either but I’ll confirm and update accordingly. or register yourself.

All you would do, is to add +254 777 000 777 to your contact list, name it as Little and send your location to this number in WhatsApp and you would get a ride in minutes. Plus when you order a Little via WhatsApp, you get a discount on your ride. We still don’t know much about this discount but again, we’ll take this one for a spin and update.

You can also simply click here to get this number added on your WhatsApp.

Below is a video from Little that walks you though the simple steps it takes to order for a cab.

I believe Little is the first company in the world to allow users to hail a cab right from WhatsApp.

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Nairobi is a hot-bed for these taxi platforms and we only hope to see more of this kind of innovation because at the end of the day, we, the consumers are the greatest beneficiaries.


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