DSTV Nigeria current packages, Decoder and Extra view price

Dstv Nigeria is a subsidiary of Naspers, was founded in 1995 and now operates in over 45 countries in Africa with a strong presence in Nigeria.

To get started with Dstv in Nigeria, you will need to purchase a decoder and a subscription package. At the moment, Dstv has the HD and the explora decoder, six different subscription packages to choose from – of which the premium package goes for ₦15,000, and the cheapest package costs ₦1,600.

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Dstv decoders and price

The HD decoder is the very common decoder you will find around Nigerian homes. This is because of its affordability. It comes with good sound and picture quality.

  • HD decoder with dish kit and 1-month Compact subscription = ₦11,900
  • HD decoder with dish kit and 1 month Compact Plus subscription = ₦15,750
  • HD decoder with dish kit and 1-month Premium subscription =₦20,900

The Explora decoder is much more expensive – it costs ₦52,000. Although this price might change depending on the accessories and subscription package you purchase with it. The Explora decoder has some interesting features to back up its high cost. DStv explora comes with many features some of them being remote recording, pause, resume, rewind, series recording, Parental Control and XtraView capability. Also, the decoder enables recording of TV shows and programs up to 220 hours. You also have access to Box-Office which allows you to rent blockbuster movies for 48 hours.

  • Explora decoder with dish kit, smart LNB and 1-month Compact subscription = ₦52,100
  • Explora decoder with dish kit, smart LNBH and 1 month Compact Plus subscription =₦55,950
  • Explora decoder with dish kit, smart LNBH and 1-month Premium subscription = ₦61,100

Current packages and prices

There are currently six packages for Dstv customers in Nigeria to choose from. They include the

FTA plus package: This package is the cheapest on the Dstv list. It costs just ₦1,600 for a monthly subscription and gives you access to 6 local channels.

Access package: with just a monthly subscription of ₦2,000, you get access to over 92 channels.

The Family package gives you about 111 channels to choose from for just a small monthly fee of ₦4,000.

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The Compact is where it starts to get interesting. Most sport channels, entertainment and movie channels are featured here. With just ₦6,800, you get access to over 132 channels.

The Compact plus is quite expensive at ₦10,650. Although it offers over 139 TV channels to choose from

Premium plus: this is the most expensive package available to Nigerian customers. With ₦15,800, you get access to a total of 150 TV channels ranging from sports, local, cartoon, movie, music and audio channels.

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DSTV Nigeria Channel list

DSTV in Nigeria gets more interesting when you pay more and upgrade to a better bouquet. For heavy entertainment consumers, the lower tier package would be very boring – it contains a few sport channels and a lot of local channels. The highest bouquet (Premium plus) has over 150 channels including Al Jazeera, eTV Africa, TVC News, NDTV24x7, EuroNews, Arise News, SABC News, BBC World News, CNC World, Bloomberg Television, CNBC Africa, TRACE Naija, Hip TV, Sound City, Iroko Music (ROK 3), Iroko Plus (ROK 2), M-Net West (HD/SD),M-Net Movies Premiere ,M-Net Movies Comedy, M-Net Movies Family, M-Net Movies Action +, M-Net Movies Romance, M-Net Movies Showcase, M-Net Movies All Stars etc.

DSTV Extra view

Dstv extra view offers customers ultimate flexibility and allows them to link up to three decoders (two secondary decoders plus one primary decoder), watch different channels on these decoders under one subscription at the same time.  The primary decoder has the main subscription.

Let’s break it down. So, let’s say you have children who want to watch cartoons, and other family members are interested in a different channel, this is where Dstv extra view comes in. it solves this problem by allowing each family member to watch their preferred channels at the same time on the same subscription.

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The cost of the xtra view is about ₦2,300 in Nigeria. If you are connecting two secondary decoders to a primary decoder, you have to pay double which is ₦4,600.


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