4 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Lasts Only a Day Instead of Weeks

Smartphone Battery

There is this constant issue with smartphone battery life users always have to contend with even after getting the best smartphone. This is simply because, after a while, your smartphone battery life begins to drop and it’ll struggle to make it through one day (on a full day).

Your current smartphone might still offer you great battery life, but as you continue to use, you will notice a gradual decline in battery life. Also, smartphone manufacturers don’t make the whole thing easy as they don’t provide users with easy access to their smartphone batteries. This makes replacing these batteries when their life spans drop, a daunting task.

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Smartphone Battery

Here’s why your smartphone battery last for a day instead of weeks, and what to do to improve its life span.

Constantly Recharging Your Smartphone Battery

Smartphone battery manufacturers claim that a battery starts to degrade, or rather, degrades by about 20% after 400 charge cycles. A charge cycle is a charge of a battery from 0% – 100%. So, for instance, charging your smartphone from 50% – 100% twice will give you a full charge cycle.

To avoid quick battery degradation to a level where it doesn’t last for more than a day, you must slow down charge cycles of your smartphone.

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Too Many Applications Running At the Same Time

I can understand that smartphones are desired for their multitasking abilities and this is one of the reasons why we have all chosen to use smartphones in the first place. While this is great, running several applications at the same time can shorten your smartphone’s battery life. It is advised that you close all applications that are not in use to save its battery.

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There are several indications you get when your battery is under heavy usage. The common one, however, is your smartphone getting unnecessarily hot. Another solution to thwart battery drainage is to close apps running in the background. Check the article linked below on how to get it done.

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Using Fake Charges

Using chargers that aren’t made for your smartphone brand is not the best idea. It’s understandable that these chargers come very cheap, but you should keep in mind that original smartphone chargers are designed to act as adaptors, to convert direct circuit (DC) power to a level the smartphone requires to charge healthily. Anything above the required current and voltage, your battery (and device) is at risk, and the battery life span will drop faster than it should.

Screen Brightness Level is Always Very High

A smartphone’s screen is one part that probably consumes the most power. Putting your screen brightness to the maximum at all times also shortens your smartphone’s battery life. Always turn down the screen brightness of your smartphone when it is not necessary to have it very bright.

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To sum it all, even though batteries have a natural life span, your smartphone battery can still last longer – at least more than a day. To achieve this, you must be intentional about creating a battery maintenance culture. To that end, ensure you follow the above-recommended tips and avoid this battery draining features as much as possible.


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