Orange Uganda 4G LTE Speed Test (Video)

4G LTE in Uganda is still new with only 3 of the 5 Internet Services Providers (ISPs) having launched the service this year. Smile Telecom was the first to Launch followed by MTN Uganda and then Orange Uganda. The LTE coverage is still low currently only in Kampala but will hopefully expand with time.
We had a chance to test Orange Uganda 4G LTE speeds at the 2013 Orange Expo  and here is what we found.

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3 thoughts on “Orange Uganda 4G LTE Speed Test (Video)

  1. Wish the speeds were in MBps not Mbps which is not what the end user is accustomed to. so when I see 40Mbps that is actually 5MBps.

    • @synper: which kind of users use MBps? all ads and normal convention, apps, operators, adverts and ITU uses Mbps as standard.

      • I’d compare it to let’s say buying some rice.

        I could tell you there are 60,000 grains of rice in this bag you’re buying and be dead accurate about what you are getting.
        tell you this is one kilo of rice. Enjoy.

        We use the internet to download and upload data we count in bytes (B) not bits (b) (kilos not grains). It’s the delivery of a product in terms readily understandable to the end consumer that I am vying for.

        I however understand that from a marketing perspective, 40Mbps is a much better sounding figure compared to 5MBps.

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