How to share data bundles/internet on MTN, Airtel, Africell, UTL and Smart Telecom.

When sharing airtime was introduced, it felt like the most brilliant innovation ever. MTN Uganda used to call it “Me2U”. At that time, internet-enabled phones were for the rich and nobody even dreamed that one day we would need to share data. A couple of years later, almost all networks offer the service.

Vodafone and Smile Uganda don’t yet allow you to share your data. Here is how to share data on MTN, Airtel, UTL and Smart Telecom.

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MTN Uganda Mpa Ku MBs/Internet Me2U

MTN Uganda calls it’s data sharing service “Mpa Ku MBs” translated to mean “Give me some megabytes”. The service allows users to share as low as 5MB to 1GB

How to share data bundles/internet on MTN Uganda: dial *150*60# >> Enter No. you want send MBs to >> Enter no. of MBs you want to send>> You will receive a notification confirming the transaction.

It should be noted that when buying an internet bundle it is also possible to buy a bundle for someone else which is effectively sharing data except that “Mpa Ku MBs” actually deducts off your existing data bundle.

Airtel Uganda Tugabane/Multi-Surf

Airtel Tugabane is probably the most innovative way of sharing data we have seen in Uganda. With Airtel Tugabane, One user (Sponsor Account) loads a bundle and invites up to 4 friends (Dependents) or devices to use the same bunde remotely. You do not have to actually send MBs but can invite friends/devices to use your bundle.

How to share data bundles/internet on Airtel Uganda: Dial *175# >> Choose Option 8: Tugabane >> Selection Option Activate >> Enter number

Airtel Uganda also supports buying bundles for another number.

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Smart Telecom Gabula

Smart Gabula is Smart Telecom Uganda’s sharing service. Probably the winner of them all, Smart Gabula allows you to share your airtime, data, SMS and voice bundles with up to 5 loved ones.

How to share data bundles/internet on Smart Telecom Uganda: Dial *100*4# and follow the prompts.

UTL DataShare

UTL Data Share is Uganda Telecom’s data sharing service that allows customers to share data/Internet. One can share from 10MBs up to 1000MBs (1GB)

How to share data bundles/internet on Uganda Telecom: Dial *100*5# >> Select share Internet >> Enter the mobile >> Enter recipient number >> Enter amount of data you want to Share in MBs

Africell Uganda

Africell Uganda doesn’t offer data sharing yet but allows a customer buy a bundle for another when buying bundles. To buy a bundle for a friend, dial *133# and follow the prompts.

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