Samsung Finally Unveils The Galaxy S5

In the much anticipated Unpacked 5 event, Samsung finally unveiled the over hyped Galaxy S5. The event that was broadcast live on YouTube for the whole world to watch started with an orchestra that instead of calming down people, created more anxiety. The phone was finally released a couple of minutes later.

The Rumours:

After a thousand and one rumours and leaks, The Galaxy S5 has finally been released. Lets look at some of the major rumours, what was true and what we should wait for in the Galaxy S6. There were 7 major things we expected in the Galaxy S5.

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64bit Exynos Processor: The first was the 64bit Exynos Processor Architecture that gives a device more capacity for speed and lesser power consumption but this didn’t happen and Samsung included a 2.5Ghz Quad core Processor which is actually pretty fast such that users wont notice any difference.  After the release of the Galaxy Note 3, with 3GB RAM, a Samsung Co-Chief Executive was Quoted saying that the S5 will be as powerful as the iPhone 5 It actually is quite powerful but we are yet to find out if it measures up

KitKat or Tizen: Well this was true. The Galaxy S5 is shipping with Google’s Latest OS KitKat but surprisingly the Galaxy gear is running Tizen which I believe is a move to initiate the migration from Android to Tizen

Metallic Unibody Design: As always Samsung always disappoints on this front and once again they are up to their plastic poly carbonate and hope that people will be excited by a perforated back cover they care calling Glam Look

16MP Camera: Samsung has made some interesting tweaks to its camera adding the fastest Autofocus ever (They claim) with HDR & 4K Video recording which is really a huge leap and also a good selling point

Fingerprint Sensor: Sadly, Samsung embedded a fingerprint sensor that is already receiving bad reviews. Apart from once again looking like an Apple copycat, we expected Samsung to outperform Apple by either improving on the Technology or coming up with something better or more fresh when it comes to phone security.

Flexible Screen Display: Samsung earlier released the Galaxy Round with a curved display but this was probably to try and show that they can actually do it and not it was actually necessary. They abandoned the idea of including this in their latest flagship altogether.

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Better Battery, Wireless Charging and a Battery Bank: The latest Samsung flagship packs a 2800 mAh battery with a new battery saving mode that can last an extra 24 hours on a 10% battery charge. We’ve not yet confirmed if the phone will ship with a battery bank or Wireless charging

Whats New?
New and improved Galaxy Gear with fitness tracking
Heart Rate Monitor
Dust and Water Resistance
Fingerprint Sensor
16MP Camera with 4K Video
“Glam Design” with a dimpled back cover

Major Specs:

Android 4.4.2 KitKat
5.1 Super AMOLED Full HD Display
Corning Gorilla Glass
Touchwiz UI
16MP Camera with HDR and 4K Video Recording Capabilities
2MP front Camera
Fingerprint Sensor
Water and Dust Resistant
16/32 GB, 2GB RAM
Micro SD up to 128GB
Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400
Bluetooth V.4.0, NFC, Infrared, Micro USB 3.0
Sensors; Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture, heart rate

Bottom Line

With a global Launch scheduled for April 11th, Samsung hasn’t mentioned price yet and most probably, there will be 100 more S5 Variants to suit different markets. The problem isn’t as much the originality as it is design. The biggest disappointment with Samsung is Design as seen by the multiple online complaints. Many people are tired of the plastic and cheap design compared to the premium design of the iPhone and HTC. Most of what Samsung has to offer is actually top notch except for its design and if only they could tweak this, then many people would be happy. So since their biggest emphasis this time was that they were listening to the client and have this made what the client wants, its evident that they weren’t

Image: The Next Web


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