5 Vital Lessons Startups Can Learn From Addmaya

Addmaya is a Ugandan Film, TV and Design firm specializing in Brand Identity, Promos, Commercials, Documentaries and Graphics Design across different media platforms. They have over the years built a strong portfolio of satisfied clients while pushing the boundaries in marketing communications and design.
They recently celebrated their 5th year in business and we had a one one one with them in which we uncovered an incredibly inspiring story of one of Uganda’s most successful start-ups. From the interview we had with them, we extract 5 vital lessons start-ups can learn from Addmaya

1. “Companies Don’t start small because they are small, companies start small because that is the place to Start”


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2. “Success lies in the organisation of the non obvious” To any entrepreneur out there, lets get to the non obvious.


3. “To succeed, you have to believe in your Idea” If you don’t believe in it, then you aren’t ready to make it work.


4. “If your heart isn’t in something, most of the time you will fail if you pursue it. Its not about what is selling right now its about what you love to do.”


5. “A company isn’t built on structure alone it’s also built on culture” Structures will only get you so far; Culture will propel you.

Image: Addmaya


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One thought on “5 Vital Lessons Startups Can Learn From Addmaya

  1. I have enjoyed the series on Addmaya. Good points to remember. Its always a blessing to find what you love and enjoy then do it. Even better, make a living from it.

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