How Selar is Helping Creators Sell Digital Product or Services Online


The days when digital product creation and online sales weren’t profitable are long gone. We now live in an era where on-demand rules the digital space. From on-demand ride-hailing (Uber and Bolt) to video-on-demand, to e-commerce itself. In Nigeria, for instance, making money selling digital products like ebooks, courses, training, e.t.c has become mainstream, so is creating an e-commerce store and selling. This is made possible by platforms like Selar – a startup founded by Douglas Kendyson in 2016 – helping creators sell their products or services online.


Selar’s Demo Store

You can set up an e-commerce store on Selar and start selling your digital products and services for free, in less than 5 minutes. Signing up on the platform is pretty easy. All you need to do is visit the Selar website and signup. You will also be prompted to set up and verify your bank details. You can then begin to share the link to your store or product and start receiving payment from your customers instantly.

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Sell Any kind of Product or Service

  • Ebooks: Selar lets digital content creators sell their ebooks on the platform. Creators can either make them downloadable or non-downloadable, and in any format.
  • Courses & Memberships: Creators can host courses, upload unlimited amount of videos with unlimited storage, and have unlimited visitors take those courses, all on Selar.
  • Event Tickets: Selar also lets users sell tickets for all kinds of events and access to music conserts, workshops, masterclasses, trainings, webinars, etc.
  • Services: Creators can sell all kinds of services, from Swimming classes to consultations to graphics design services and more.
  • Physical Goods: You also get to use Selar to sell physical product from gadgets to physical books, to cloths and appliances.


Starter (Free)Pro N8,000/month ($20)Turbo N15,000/month ($33)
40 ProductsEverything on the starter planEverything in Pro Plan
EbooksUpload up to 10 courses (Unlimited videos)Upload up to 25 courses (Unlimited videos)
Sell servicesUnlimited productsSell 3 Membership (Subscription) courses (Unlimited videos)
List Physical productsPaypal + Stripe for verified merchantsSell 25 single videos/webinar replays (Stream online only)
Sell Read online-only EbooksPriority support
Digital productsCustom subdomain (E.g
Sell SubscriptionsSell with Affiliates – Unlimited
CRMWordPress Learndash Integration
Pre-order productsKartra Integration
Sell TicketsCustom Domain (E.g
Automated Abandoned Cart EmailsSell 10 single videos/webinar replays (Stream online only)
Cross-sellingCustom Sales & Landing Pages – Unlimited
Sell with Affiliates – Limited (100)Affiliate Sales Pages
Mailchimp Integration
Facebook pixel
Multi-currency store – six currencies


Selar now currently servers over seventeen thousand creators on its platform, helping them sell their digital products or services online. And since it was founded, Selar says it has raked in over $270k in revenue. Selar’s Vision is to serve African creators, so we expect to see them expand into other countries on the continent in the future.


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