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Use Safeboda to fuel your car

A global fuel crisis saw fuel prices steadily increase in Uganda. This was worsened after a fuel shortage sent prices skyrocketing, as hundreds of trucks were held up at the border with Kenya. Ride-hailing app, SafeBoda brought some relief to motorists by offering discounts for fuel at selected fuel stations as long as you paid using SafeBoda’s wallet.

How SafeBoda’s fuel discount works

  1. Visit any of the fuel stations offering discounts on SafeBoda. (Read ahead for the full list). Each station has a SafeBoda Agent who will help you throughout the process.
  2. Open your SafeBoda app and select the Pay feature.
  3. There after, tap Merchant and then search the name or till number of the SafeBoda Agent.
  4. You will then be required to enter the amount of money you would like to use for buying the fuel.
  5. After double checking to confirm that you have the right SafeBoda Agent details, input your SB Wallet PIN.
  6. This will then send SafeBoda credit for the amount you wish to purchase from your SafeBoda Wallet to the SafeBoda Agent’s Wallet. With done, you can proceed to the pump and refuel.

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List of Fuel Stations offering SafeBoda’s fuel discount

  • Total Acacia
  • Total Nakulabye
  • Total Wampewo Avenue
  • Total Namanve
  • Total Kyanja
  • Total Bukoto
  • Total Nansana
  • Total Nakawa
  • Total Ndeeba-Mbawo
  • Total Kiwatule
  • Total Bweyogerere
  • Total Bwaise-Kimombasa
  • Total Kyebando
  • Total Wakaliga

At the peak of the fuel crisis in Uganda, while fuel stations were charging as much as UGX 10,000 for a liter of petrol, you would get it at UGX 4540 per liter using the SafeBoda discount.

SafeBoda continues in its quest to be a super app but continuously adding features to its app. Recently, the ride-hailing app introduced savings where you will get paid 10% per annum for saving money on the SB Wallet.

Feature Image via SafeBoda Medium


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