How to set up Zoom for Chrome PWA on your Chromebook

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Zoom is now a household name for making online calls and meetings. If you own a Chromebook, Zoom has been well supported as a Chrome extension downloadable from the Chrome Webstore and as a PWA App downloadable from the Play store. However, Zoom is terminating support for the Chrome extension in August 2022.

So if you want to use Zoom on your Chromebook in 2022, you should install the PWA app from the Google Play store instead. PWA or Progress Web Apps are really Web applications dressed in mobile Native or desktop app skins. They are built using web technologies and they offer wider reach and reliability.

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So to get started, open Google Play on your Chromebook and then search for Zoom for Chrome PWA. Click and install it on your Chromebook. As you see below, I already downloaded and installed Zoom for Chrome – PWA on my Chromebook.

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Zoom for Chrome PWA Google Play store

Next sign in with your Credentials. You’ll be presented with a super simple interface where you can set up a new meeting, join one or schedule a Zoom meeting. You get all the features you will find on Native Mobile or Desktop zoom apps.

Zoom for Chrome home screen

When you start or join a call, you can;

  • Turn on video and either use your Chromebook’s webcam or an external webcam.
  • Use your Chromebook’s internal Microphone or use an external one.
  • Share your Chromebook’s screen
  • Chat with call participants and much more

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We have made a step-by-step video tutorial on how to setup Zoom on your Chromebook. You can watch it below;


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