MTN Uganda’s New 4G Wakanet MiFi Comes With 15GB of Non-expiring Data and More

MTN WakaNet MiFi

The WakaNet Pocket MiFi is the latest addition to MTN’s WakaNet product lineup. The portable, pocket-sized 4G WakaNet MiFi supports up to 10 devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart cameras, mobile gaming devices, and many more internet-enabled devices.

For the uninitiated, MTN WakaNet is a data solution from MTN that offers affordable, fast, and reliable customized connectivity. MTN WakaNet currently has three offers, namely, WakaNet Pro (high-speed fiber to the home and business Internet), WakaNet Max (WiFi router), and now, the portable and mobile WakaNet Pocket MiFi.

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The MTN WakaNet Pocket MiFi is available at all MTN Service Centres across the country for only 75,000 UGX and comes with 15GB of MTN’s Freedom bundles. This means they do not expire.

A factor that is set to encourage more internet usage, is based on the affordability and adaptability of the MiFi and its bundles.

MTN Wakanet Mifi Data Bundles

The new Wakanet data bundles come in 5 affordable packages, starting at 10,000 UGX with 3GB of non-expiring data bundles, and the most expensive package goes for 85,000 UGX for 45GB of data.

Bundle VolumeBundle Price
3GBUGX 10,000
5GBUGX 15,000
12GBUGX 30,000
25GBUGX 55,000
45GBUGX 85,000

How to Activate the Free 15GB Wakanet MiFi Bundles

The activation of the free 15GB of non-expiring data is automatic, and the moment you fully register your sim card and get the MiFi, you should be able to use the free data bundles. Keep in mind, that the default WiFi network name and password are written on the MiFi device.

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To top up your MiFi with internet bundles, customers can simply go to the MyMTN app or dial *165*64# to purchase affordable data that does not expire.

WakaNet MiFi vs the Competition

When it comes to portable wifi gadgets options in Uganda. Airtel had dominated the market with the Airtel 4G Pocket MiFi which when compared to the Wakanet MiFi struggles to gain a competitive advantage. MTN dominates Airtel when it comes to price points and the data offers. Both devices pack the same specs in terms of the maximum number of users(10 devices) that can be connected to the WiFi hotspot at once.

The decision to choose the best option usually boils down to how well each ISP performs within your area. But if you are a cost-sensitive customer and are always looking for a good deal, MTN Wakanet seems like a good option as it packs everything you need at a cheaper fee.

Share with us in the comment section your thoughts about the new pocket MiFi from MTN and if you will consider getting one in the near future.


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