Airtel Xstream WiFi: Airtel Uganda’s Unlimited Fiber Internet

Airtel xStream Fiber

In the last few years, MTN has dominated the broadband and fiber-to-the-home internet space with their Wakanet Pro product. Airtel, on the other hand, was subtle and didn’t have any products when it came to unlimited internet. That changed by the end of last year when they quietly started rolling out Airtel Xstream, their first unlimited fiber internet connection.

This new service is available through both microwave and fiber in select areas and is sure to revolutionize the way Ugandans stay connected to the digital world. In this article, we will explore the details of this exciting new offering and discuss how it compares to other options on the market.

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Airtel Xstream Installation and Requirements

The installation fee for Airtel Xstream WiFi is UGX100,000 and payments are made using Airtel money merchant code. You will have to contact the customer support either through social media or the service center to iniate the process to get a service order form.

You will be required to share your location pin so the Airtel technicians can inspect to see if you are within the fiber coverage range.

Here are the requirements needed to get Airtel Xstream Fiber Internet.

  1. A Service Order Form that includes details like the Client Name, Contact,  Email address and Location. It also includes the package of choice.
  2. A copy of your National ID.

How to Pay for Airtel Xstream WiFi Internet

To make payment, you Dial *185*9#, enter Merchant Code 100100 ( Airtel Cash Office) enter amount including installation fees and then enter pin and send to complete the transaction.

Airtel Xstream WiFi Coverage

Just with the competition, the Airtel Xstream WiFi are available around the upscale locations of Kampala. Information about coverage and locations are readily available but at the moment, areas around  Kisaasi, Kyanja and Bukoto have fiber points of connection.

According to Airtel Uganda, Airtel Xstream WiFi fiber is already in 125 locations in the city and plans are ongoing to extend it to the furthest parts of the country. They have close to 45 apartment blocks in Kyanja alone connected to the service.

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Airtel Xstream Fiber Packages

Airtel Xstream fiber packages are called Xstream WiFi. Last year, they were listed on the website as Xstream Max and Xstream Pro but seems the packages have been rebranded and renamed to Xstream WiFi for now.

The Airtel Xstream WiFi packages come in three different speeds: 50Mbps, 30Mbps, and 10Mbps providing customers with a range of options to suit their individual needs and budgets. The 50Mbps package is the fastest and most expensive option, costing UGX350,000 per month. It is ideal for large households or businesses that require high-speed internet for multiple devices and heavy online activities such as streaming high-definition videos, online gaming, and video conferencing.

The 30Mbps package, priced at UGX250,000 per month, is a great option for households or small businesses that still require fast internet but do not need the maximum speed offered by the 50Mbps package. With 30Mbps, customers can easily stream videos and music, work from home, and engage in online activities with minimal lag.

The 10Mbps package is the most affordable option, costing UGX170,000 per month. This package is ideal for individuals or small households that primarily use the internet for basic activities such as browsing, emailing, and social media. With 10Mbps, customers can still enjoy a reliable internet connection for their daily online needs.

Airtel Xstream Microwave Packages

Airtel Xstream Lite is a new internet package from Airtel that is designed to meet the needs of customers who are looking for affordable, high-speed internet. The internet is delivered via microwave, which ensures a reliable and fast connection for customers.

One of the key features of the Airtel Xstream Lite packages is that they come with daily bonus bundles. These bonus bundles vary depending on the package you choose, with the 50GB package having a bonus of 500 MB, the 120GB package having a bonus of 1.5 GB, and the 200GB package having a bonus of 3 GB. This means that customers can enjoy even more data to use for their browsing, streaming, and other online activities.

The Airtel Xstream Lite packages are available in three different options, the first package is the 50GB package, which is priced at UGX 110,000. The next package is the 120GB package, which is priced at UGX 210,000. Lastly, the 200GB package is priced at UGX 315,000.

Airtel Xstream WiFi Compared to Competition

Uganda Top Fiber to Home Internet Packages 2023
Wakanet Pro: MTN Home FiberFiberUGX100,000Lite10MpbsUGX130,000
Xstream: Airtel Home FiberFiberUGX100,000 Xstream WiFi10Mbps




Sprint UG FiberUGX300,000Sprint Ultra10MpbsUGX165,000
Sprint Supreme20MpbsUGX220,000
ZukuFiberFreeTripple Play 10Mbps






Simba FiberFiberUGX50,000Silver5MbpsUGX100,000

With lightning-fast speeds and no data caps, Airtel xStream WiFi is the perfect solution for both individuals and businesses looking to stay connected and productive. Overall, the Airtel Xstream WiFi packages provide customers with a range of high-speed internet options to suit their needs and budgets.

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Are you going to try out Airtel fiber internet? Share with us in the comment section if you are going to try out the Airtel Xstream WiFi.


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