The Best Instant Cameras in 2023 (Polaroids, Instax, Kodak and More)

instant photo camera

Although instant cameras aren’t a new technology, it’s become an increasingly popular gadget in the past year. In addition to bringing the nostalgic feel of past pictures, you can print out a hard copy of the image and share it with your loved ones. 

It’s also a way to save your memories away from digital storage. This is why you’d see a ton of instant cameras at wedding venues. Thankfully, there are now modernized versions that ensure you get the best of both worlds. Now you can add filters or even take selfies and still print these images instantly. 

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In this article, we’ll review the top instant cameras available. So irrespective of your desired specifications, or budget, you can find the best option for you. Keep reading to see our list.

Polaroid Now+

Key specifications

  • Instant film format
  • Manual and automatic exposure control type
  • Tripod mountable
  • Dual lens autofocus
  • Micro-USB powered rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth connected app
  • Bonus filter kit

Price: $144.97

Polaroid Now+ instant camera

Being the full package of the polaroid camera brand, this camera comes with all you need to get the perfect shot. For starters, it features a dual-zone (close-up and standard) auto-switching lens system. So you can trust its autofocus.  This model comes with five creative lens filters – starburst, red vignette, orange, yellow and blue. 

We also love that it combines vintage and modern so your results look like instant pictures from the 80s. You can choose to either use it as a point-and-shoot camera or use the free polaroid app for fun controls. For example, with the Bluetooth app, you can explore the Tripod mode, painting, portrait assistant, and even double exposure.

The only downside is that the film can be expensive when compared to other instant cameras on this list. 

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Fujifilm instax mini 11

Key specifications

  • Transparent ring lens
  • Automatic flash exposure
  • 1-touch selfie mode
  • 30cm minimum shooting distance
  • 60mm lens
  • 2 – AA batteries
  • Fjuifilm instax film type

Price: $75.95

Fujifilm instax mini 11 instant camera

Being our ideal camera for travel, this plastic camera is portable. So it can fit into your handbags at all times. If you’d prefer, you could get a cross-body case to keep them in. Since it’s powered by two AA batteries, you’d have to frequently replace these batteries.

Also, it has an automatic shutter speed. So this camera finds the right shutter speed to capture bright or dim backgrounds and subjects. It also has an automatic flash exposure and sadly, you cannot control this feature. However, you can customize your camera with the two shutter button accessories. This mini camera is also an ideal gift for every season especially as it’s very affordable.

Fujifilm Instax mini evo

Key specifications

  • 10 lens and film effect options
  • Built-in selfie mirror
  • Fujifilm Instax film type
  • Portrait and landscape shutter buttons
  • Save images to microSD
  • 28mm lens
  • 3.9-inch minimum shooting distance

Price: $203.91

Fujifilm Instax mini evo

The unique feature of this camera is that it allows you to view an image before printing it out. You can either save these images on a microSD card or on your smartphone. However, for the latter, you need the Instax mini evo app to do this.  Once you choose a version, simply print the pictures from your phone via Bluetooth.

In addition to this, it has about 10 lens and film effect options so you can customize how you want your images to look. We also love that you can take both portrait and landscape images directly from the dual shutter buttons. You can also use the built-in selfie mirror so you get the right shot.

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The downside is that asides from the presets, it doesn’t have in-built camera editing tools. The LCD isn’t also of the best quality. 

Fujifilm instax wide 300

Key specifications

  • Fujifilm Instax wide film type
  • 95mm lens
  • 40cm minimum shooting distance
  • Optical viewfinder
  • Tripod socket
  • Built-in flash
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Dark, normal, and light exposures

Price: $144.98

Fujifilm instax wide 300

Looking for a chunky camera? The Instax wide camera offers larger prints so we recommend it for group pictures. Particularly for weddings, and other events. Powered by four AA batteries,  it has a stronger built-in flash so it’s suitable for evening or night events too.

However, unlike the other cameras on this list, you can’t be creative with your modes. Fortunately, it has a light and dark control so it can help with adding high and low-key effects in your pictures. This camera also doesn’t sync with any app and it can be quite hard to take a selfie with.

So if you need a camera with wider prints and fewer manual controls, this is a great option.

Polaroid Go

Key specifications

  • Polaroid GO instant film type
  • 34mm lens
  • Automatic and double exposure
  • Self-timer
  • Inbuilt flash
  • 10 hanging frames
  • 3 holographic magnetic frames

Price: $159.99

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Polaroid Go instant camera

Quite similar and even smaller than Instax mini film, this camera is an ideal gift for kids because it’s so cute. However, one advantage it has is that you only need a USB to recharge the batteries. It also has double exposures like the bigger instant cameras. 

The film kit comes with two types of frames for versatile display options. Since it comes with three acrylic magnetic frames and ten hanging frames, after printing your photos, you can choose an accompanying design.

Kodak printomatic digital instant camera

Key specifications

  • 5MP sensor
  • Automatic flashlights in low-light settings
  • Saves to MicroSD
  • Wide angle f/2 lens
  • Kodak instant film type

Price: $79.99

Kodak printomatic digital instant camera

Being a very budget-friendly option, this basic instant camera is an option to go with if you want a simple design and functionality. It has a super fast camera speed that allows you to shoot new photos even when printing the previous one. This camera also comes with a light sensor that automatically turns on flash in low-light settings. 

Although the battery isn’t as strong as others in this list, you can print up to 25 pictures on one charge. It also supports a microSD card so you can save your images to print out later. Recharge with a regular USB cable to start printing again.

And that brings us to the end of this list. We hope that you’ve found this guide useful in choosing your next instant camera. Do share this post with your friends and family who might need this too.

Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy

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