Samsung Phones Uganda: How to buy and register a genuine Samsung phone

samsung phones uganda

Now we know counterfeit phones are on rampage these days. Fake phone vendors want to make a cut from your hard-earned money while you are led to believe that you are buying a real gizmo. How do you know whether or not that Samsung Galaxy S5 or the latest Note 4 is actually a genuine Samsung device?

Check if your Samsung phone is guine

Well, the procedure is actually simple. Using only SMS,  you can know the genuineness of the phone you are buying. Simply type check*IMEI Number# and send the text to 6585. You’ll get response that indicates whether or not your device is genuine.

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Register your Samsung phone

After purchasing your new Samsung phone from any of their authorized stores in Uganda such as Simba Telecom, Samsung is also enabling customers to register their devices for 2 years e-warranty. Again they have made this as convinient as simply SMSing reg*IMEI number# and send to 6585. The IMEI Number is found on box the phone or backside of phone where battery is inserted.

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These value-added services show that Samsung isn’t being lax with the competition. The phone vendor is currently pushing two devices to the market. The Galaxy Grand 2 and the Note 4. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is retailing for a price of UGX 850,000 while high end smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going for a price of UGX 2.3m – 2.5m depending on which retail partner on Kampala Road like Simba Telcom / Celpic / Afritech computers / One point you buy from.

Image: Samsung Uganda Facebook Page

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  1. This is interesting to know. We need to find all ways of fighting counterfeit products. More than sending the SMS to find out if your Samsung is genuine, I would rather the phone didn’t get in the country in the first place. If UCC and UNBS could implement this, it would be wonderful

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