Last Minute Deals You Can Still Cop on Amazon Prime Day

amazon last minute deals prime day

It’s the last day of the 2023 Amazon Prime Day event. At this time, a lot of the top deals are either over or out of stock. However, there are still many amazing deals you can get when you shop today.  Knowing it might be slightly tough to find them on Amazon’s vast store, we’ve searched and curated all last-minute deals you shouldn’t miss out on.

So, here are the top ten deals you can get today as this year’s Amazon Prime Day event comes to an end.

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KASA Smart Plug Ultra Mini 15A

  • Price: $11.89 instead of $19.99
Kasa smart plug last minute deals

Save 41% on this 15 amp smart plug. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant so you can easily control your electronic appliances with your voice. This is a great way to save energy because you can turn off your plugged-in appliances with a timer, the app or your voice. 

KASA Smart Bulb

kasa smart bulb

Just like your other smart appliances, use voice control to turn on, off, dim or change your light colours at home. You can even set it up so it changes colours as the day progresses. Do this and more when you take advantage of the 33% discount on the final day of Prime Day 2023. 

Amazon Luna Wireless Controller

  • Price: $39.99 instead of $69.99
Amazon luna controller - last minute deals

While most Amazon devices sold out within the first few hours yesterday, the official Luna controller is still available at a discount. If you use Amazon Luna, this controller is the best way to upgrade your gaming experience on this platform. So why not save 43% while at it?

Evoloop Electric Tea Kettle

Price: $21.99 instead of $29.99

Evoloop electric tea kettle - last minute deals

The perfect time to get a new water boiler is now. This 1.7L kettle has a beautiful transparent design with a cordless base. With the auto-shut-off feature, you can also save so much energy with this device. It’s still available at a discount so hurry and get yours today. 

KASA Smart 2K QHD Indoor Security Camera

Kasa smart 2k QHD security camera

If you have a baby or pet you’d like to watch over indoors, get a 30% discount when you purchase this indoor security camera today. It has a motion and crying detector as well as two-way audio so you can soothe your baby with your voice. 

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We also love that it works with Alexa and Google Home so you can set up controls with voice commands. It has 256GB of storage for footage you might need. We strongly recommend you do not miss this deal.

Amazon Basics 4-Slot Toaster

  • Price: $38.71 instead of $48.39
Amazon basics toaster - last minute deals

Need a new toaster for your bread, muffins, bagels and more? Save 20% today when you purchase this durable toaster guaranteed to last you for years. It has six browning levels so you can make your toast slightly hot, golden brown or even burnt if you’d prefer.

KASA Smart Video Doorbell Camera

Kasa smart video doorbell camera

If you’d prefer to have an outdoor camera instead, the KASA doorbell camera is a solid option. From keeping track of what goes on in your house outside to getting footage so you can go over the events of the day, it’s a very handy gadget to have. 

It works with Alexa and Google Home and there’s also a 2-way audio so you can interact with guests outside without opening your door. 

Amazon Basics Folding Bike Lock

Amazon basics folding bike lock

Protect your bike this summer at 20% off the price. Made of hard steel, you can easily fold it when it’s in your bag but make it impossible for anyone to break your lock. 

KASA Smart Motion Sensor Switch

Kasa smart motion sensor switch

Take your smart lights up a notch when you use this smart sensor switch. With this device, you can make sure that lights automatically come on when there’s motion detected and it’s turned off after a while. Use this in your office, schools, or even at home. But save 43% off the price when you purchase it today. 

Amazon Basics 3-Foot 3-Prong Extension Cord

Amazon basics extension cord

Replace any old power strips and extension cords you might have today and save 31% on your next purchase. With about 1625 watts, a flat plug and three-prong outlets, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your charging experience with this accessory. This particular purchase comes in a 2-pack. 

Remember that these deals only last for a few hours today. So hurry and get your favourite item on this list before it runs out of stock. Don’t forget to share this post with your tech friends and family so they don’t miss out on these deals too.

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Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy


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