WPS Office Review: A free worthy office suite for your smartphone and PC

Don’t they say that if it looks like a frog, hops like a frog and croaks like a frog, then by all means it must be a frog? Now, WPS Office looks like Microsoft Office, works like Microsoft Office and even supports Microsoft Office document formats. The question is, why then is it called WPS Office?

WPS Office is a productivity software developed by Kingsoft, a Chinese company. Interestingly, WPS is as old as MS Office, both released in 1988. Initially sporting its own unique user interface, recent versions of WPS have borrowed a lot from MS Office. WPS Office 2016 is indistinguishable from Microsoft Office in name and functionality. Windows users will feel right at home.

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WPS, an acronym for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet, does almost everything Microsoft word does with one major exception: the software is totally free and legal to download and use. The free version at least.

WPS Office Vs Microsoft Office

In contrast, MS Office costs anything from $69.99 per year for Office 365 to $399.99 for a one time purchase of Office Professional 2016. WPS Office does have Professional Personal and Home version at $49.99 for a lifetime licence. Annual subscription costs $19.99. This comes with a few features not present in the Free version, but ones you can live without. It supports Windows, Linux and smartphones (Android, iPad, iPhone).

MS Office does support Mac OS which WPS Office doesn’t, although the latter counters with with a Linux version. WPS also has a fully functional smartphone suite. MS Office made the whack decision to kill their Microsoft Office Mobile app. In its place are splintered Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps.

WPS Writer has it’s own document format *.wps, but also supports *.doc and *.docx MS Office formats. WPS Spreadsheets uses *.et and WPS Presentation *.dps. Acknowledging the global influence of Microsoft’s office suite, WPS incorporates a lot of MS Office features. Anyone looking for an MS Office alternative will appreciate just how similar the two productivity softwares are.

WPS Office Free Vs Paid

WPS Office
WPS Office
Personal And Home
WPS Office
Writer, Spreadsheets & Presentation Writer, Spreadsheets & Presentation Writer, Spreadsheets & Presentation
Read, Print and Save to PDF Read, Print and Save to PDF Read, Print and Save to PDF
WPS Special Paragraph Layout tool WPS Special Paragraph Layout tool WPS Special Paragraph Layout tool
View, Edit and Create MS office Documents View, Edit and Create MS office Documents View, Edit and Create MS office Documents
Convert PDF to Word Convert PDF to Word
Split and Merge PDF files Split and Merge PDF files
Removed Sponsored Access
(No Ads)
Removed Sponsored Access
(No Ads)
Promptly Email Support Promptly Email Support
Annual:USD$19.99 / Year

Microsoft Office has been the de facto office suite for millions of people worldwide for many years now. In developing countries, the proprietary software is often used illegally which doesn’t auger well with expected ethics of any individual and company. WPS Office and other MS Office alternatives help fill in the void for those unable to purchase the office suite legally. Download WPS Office for Desktop and take it for a spin. We believe it’s actually quite good. Check out the free apps for Android and iOS as well.


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