Kenya’s Cleanbill Wants To Take Paperwork Out Of Office Totally

Launched in 2009 in Nairobi, Cleanbill is a suit of cloud-based applications for SMEs. It is an app store with a host of solutions for today’s fast paced business. A first of its kind anywhere.

Joe Karuri, the founder told TechMoran he was inspired by needs small businesses face.
“Being a small business ourselves, we were often frustrated with the day-to-day business process of accounting, payroll and website management,” Karuri said. “We felt life would be easier if we could not only automate but integrate all these processes,”  he added.

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Cleanbill therefore was founded to end this problems. Cleanbill has application tools to help business people run their businesses with ease and without much cost. The packages include accounting (Litebooks), payroll (Cleanbill Payroll)
and document management ( Cleanbill Litepaper), Online Resume (Cleanbill Openkazi), website builder (Cleanbill Openduka).

Karuri says the app works simply.

“With Cleanbill Openduka, we initially set up the website and then the client logs in and update their own profiles, or select a different design theme. It comes with in-built e-commerce (Paypal, Pesapal and 2CO integration), photo gallery, feedback forms, social bookmarking, SEO best practice and responsive designs”.

He adds that the Cleanbill Openkazi is an easy DIY app for launching your personal page as an online resume that lays one’s resume in a neat professional web page. Rather than sending bulky CV documents, one can simple share their Openkazi link.
The third tool, Cleanbill Litebooks is an accounting software simplified for the everyday entrepreneur. One doesn’t need any accounting knowledge to use it and can send smart invoices to their clients easily while the Cleanbill Payroll was developed for the Kenyan market and handles all the statutory deductions, benefits, loans, sacco contributions, attendance(overtime and absenteeism) and gives reports for your NSSF, NHIF, P9, P10s, monthly master roll and your own custom reports.
“If you hate paperwork, then you’ll love Cleanbill Litepaper. It creates paperless workflow for financial document approval process while keeping a scanned copies of all your paperwork, Karuri said. The platform at the moment has over 600 registered users and according to him they are not just after money but service delivery”. He told TechMoran, “At this point client satisfaction is more important than numbers. We want to give our customer more value than anyone else in the world. Every morning we go to the office, we listen to our customer then get down and work on the feedback. If I’d quote Zuckerberg, ‘We don’t wake up in the morning with the primary goal of making money.’”

He added that with a better service, clients will look for them. Cleanbill is promising as he says it’s the only cloud application in the country to offer SMEs an integrated approach to Online marketing, HR and finance operations even though it has not been easy for him to build it.  At the moment, Cleanbill is working on a full HR app to compliment the Online payroll.

This post first appeared here on TechMoran, our Africa Tech media partners. 

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