BBC HARDtalk special from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with US Secretary of State John Kerry

This Sunday 26 May the BBC’s HARDtalk programme is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for a special show with the US Secretary of State John Kerry.  The programme will be hosted by Zeinab Badawi and will feature questions posed by an audience of young people from across the continent direct to Mr Kerry.  The Secretary of State will also take questions on Africa and US foreign policy sent in by BBC viewers and listeners from around the world.  This special event marks 50 years of the African Union.

 BBC audiences around the world will also be able to take part in the event, by emailing questions to [email protected] or posting them on twitter using:  #hardtalk or #youthconnect.

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 This HARDtalk special will broadcast on BBC World News on Tuesday 28 May 2013 and on BBC World Service radio onWednesday 29 May.

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