Here are the New DStv Kenya Prices from September 2022


While many TV consumers have since moved to the online way of content delivery with YouTube and video on demand platforms continuing to grow and become mainstream, there is still space for satellite TV.

In Africa, few providers are as accomplished as Multichoice’s DStv. These guys continue to dominate satellite TV and while they have since diversified into other fields like home internet and video on demand, DStv continues to be one of the most popular and preferred home entertainment services.

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Just yesterday, we saw DStv Uganda come out to announce a price increase on their available tariffs and today, DStv Kenya has come out to announce a similar price hike.


New DStv Prices in Kenya in 2022

Below is a quick breakdown of the DStv tariffs offered to subscribers in Kenya, the current rates and the new rates that will take effect come September 1.

DStv Package Current Price Price as from September
DStv Access Ksh 1050 Ksh 1150
DStv Family Ksh 1,500 Ksh 1600
DStv Compact Ksh 2,800 Ksh 3000
DStv Compact Plus Ksh 5,100 Ksh 5500
DStv Premium Ksh 8,400 Ksh 8900

This new change will see subscribers of the Access and Family packages part with an extra Ksh. 100 over the current rate while the Compact and Compact Plus subscribers will part with Ksh. 200 and Ksh. 400 extra respectively.

Subscribers of the highest tier, the DStv Premium package will have to part with an extra Ksh. 500 just to renew their subscription. The company cites consumer inflation and the current economic pressures as the reason for this price increase.

The sad part is that, once these prices go up, they rarely come back down. This means that Kenyans will have to undergo even more pressure on their finances in light of the recent increase of prices of basic commodities, and fuel.

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With these new DStv Kenya Prices for 2022, a lot of users might be on the lookout for alternatives including YouTube and in some cases, shady pirating sites to get a fix of the Premier League set to start in a few days.


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