Key technologies in the Infinix Note 5 worth your money (Does it really use Artificial Intelligence?)

Infinix Note 5

The Infinix Note 5 packs a bunch of cool features that make this phone worth every penny. We have covered the First Impressions and a full-on review, so we don’t have to go back to that right now. What we can do is give you a recap.

The device comes with a 6-inch Infinity Display with 480dpi and a fingerprint scanner. We don’t get Face ID, but that’s good riddance, if you ask me. The rear shooter packs 12MP to 16MP front. Infinix sprinkles in some AI magic to enhance your experience and more. Let’s have a look at the key technologies in the Infinix Note 5

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Stock Android with Android One

The Android One project to which the Infinix Note 5 subscribes to does a few things differently from what we are used to. First off, the Infinix Note 5 has Android One labelled at the back of the device to show that it runs an unadulterated stock Android.

As part of the Android One project, the Note 5 comes with no bloatware and few preinstalled apps. You also get a pure stock Android experience, a smooth UI with minimal RAM usage and great performance.

Infinix Note 5: System Upgrades for up to 2 years

Some of the perks of having Android under your wing is that Infinix Note 5 gets guaranteed Over the Air updates for at least 2 years. These updates are from Android itself which is looking to defragment its myriad versions of the Android Operating Systems.

Often, low and mid-range smartphone makers only give a one-time-only token update to the latest operating system. We had had 2 updates so far on the Infinix Note 5, and have to say it feels great to get security patches and other system improvements.


3-Day battery life & X-Charge

The Infinix Note 5 packs a humongous 4500Amh battery an improvement over its predecessor, the Note 4. We have tested Infinix’s claims about the battery the whole nine yards and lasting 3 days.

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The verdict is in their favor; the Note 5 can comfortably pull this off. On moderate usage, we managed to go 3 whole days without charging our device. From our understanding, this boils down to stock Android’s light UI with minimal RAM usage and great battery performance.

X-Charge is Infinix’s quick charge feature. From our calculations, it takes about an hour and a half to charge the Note 5 using the provided charger head and USB cable. What’s more the battery lasts a fairly long time, meaning you don’t have to continuously charge your device throughout the day.

Infinix Note 5: Front Camera

Infinix is in contention for having a true selfie phone with the Note 5. Unlike most phones, the 16MP front camera is more powerful than the 12MP rear camera. The front camera has a few tricks that ensure that you come out looking on fleck with every shot taken. Let’s have a look at some of the perks you get:

Low Light Selfie

Even under low-light conditions, the Infinix Note 5 front camera can pull off some excellent shots. The XOS camera 3.0 benefits from the F/20 aperture and other intelligent algorithms that pull ambient light to capture glowing pictures in low light. You can also adjust front flashlight level to increase light when you are in the dark.

Infinix Note 5 AI Bokeh Selfie

The bokeh effect is when the background is blurred, leaving only the subject in the foreground. Bokeh selfies only work on human beings and we now know why. The Infinix Note 5 uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately blur unwanted parts in a photo while keeping the subject in focus. The Note 5’s 16MP front camera is supported by an AI Bokeh algorithm which allows it to adjust and create the perfect focus for any photo.

AI Beauty Mode

The Infinix Note 5 is every Slay Queen and Slay King’s dream come true. The front camera’s AI Beauty Mode uses Infinix’s deep learning Algorithm can capture 255 facial points. It learns how people perceive beauty for a certain sex, age and skin tone in different countries to automatically perform a variety of color adjustments and skin smoothing to produce results tailored to the specific user. Beauty Mode supports multi-person enhancements and has up to 9 levels of beauty strength.


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