Linux users finally get a decent podcasts app called, well, ‘Podcasts’

Podcasts are a hugely popular form of “infotainment” these days, with almost any and every niche you can think of catered for with a show or a segment. If you’re not enjoying the wealth of podcasts out there, you’re really missing out. Podcasts provide you with the experience of a radio show, covering a wide range of topics ranging from gospel to science fiction to music and every thing in between. There are so many ways to enjoy your podcst. On mobile, popular apps such as PocketCast offer users a one-stop-shop for all the podcasts you can listen to. Many music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify offer dedicated sections on Podcasts.

A new app for Linux now makes it easy to follow, fave and listen to your favourite podcasts on the Linux desktop. The client for Linux desktop is designed specifically for the Gnome desktop environment but it should work well with other desktop environments. The new app offers the basic controls you would expect from a Podcast app, letting you subscribe to shows, browse through them, and listen to the latest episodes all from inside the app, with no external MP3 or OGG downloads necessary.

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So what is Podcasts for Linux like?

Podcasts spots a simple yet straightforward UI that might have been inspired by the GNOME Music app. The “Shows” tab presents a immersive cover-art gallery for browsing your subscribed feeds by show title. Selecting a specific show brings up an episode list with download links, show description, and runtimes. From here you can mark episodes as ‘watched’.

The app also makes it easy to see the latest episodes from your favourite podcasts ordered in a list by date (see the opening screenshot) through the “New” tab. This chronological listing is particularly helpful if you subscribe to podcasts that lack a dedicated release schedule, favouring a more anarchic and unpredictable “when it’s ready” approach.

The omnipresent play bar (courtesy of GNOME Music) stays with you, allowing you to browse around and view other podcasts without stopping the one you’re listening to.

Naturally you’ll need to add feeds to it before you be able to see or play anything. But as its compatible with the iTunes podcast directory (just copy/paste iTunes link of the show you want into the ‘add’ dialog box) you can tune in and follow some of the most popular podcasts on the planet.

Install Podcasts on Ubuntu

I am not sure if there is such a thing as a Pro podcast user. I mean, podcasts are pretty straight-forward. The controls are pretty basic and often self-explanatory. That said, if you consider yourself a Pro-podcaster, maybe this isn’t for you. For the vast majority of podcasters however, this is more than functional.

Podcasts for Linux can be installed on Ubuntu as well as the other folks of Linux derived from ubuntu, the likes of ArchLinux, Linux Mint and Fedora. This is thanks to Flatpak and the centralised Flathub app store:

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Install GNOME Podcasts from Flathub

It is still early in the development cycle of Podcasts for Linux and therefore some features might be lacking and you may also run into a few too many bugs.

In-post images and quotes courtesy of OMGUbuntu


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