How to add Google Drive files into emails without attaching

You can send files from Google Drive easily through your emails in different ways which might include you attaching the file, pasting the content or sharing the link to the file. However, the concentration here is sending file without actually having to attach them. The advantage of this, is that the file doesn’t count to the overall size of the email. This way, you can easily send larger files without having to deal with the issue of size limit where you can’t send a file larger than 25MB or even 10MB in some cases. Also, not sending your Google Drive file as an attachment (large files) helps the recipient to easily save them considering email sent increases in size a bit due to MIME encryption

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There are various ways to go about this depending on the file type involved. For example. you could just paste the file directly when choosing your file formats before sharing Google Doc files. Then the file gets displayed directly in the email instead of having download an attachment. This is only for documents anyway. Also, you can also decide to send an invite link to download the file from your Google Drive or just get a shareable link that you can copy and paste in the emails to give the recipient access to the file.


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