5 creative things you can do with your old phone when you upgrade to a new one

According to economics, human wants are insatiable. The technology space is one of those places where this phrase is proven right. You will always want to own a better phone and the production of better phones every now and then cant help the hunger.

There are also other reasons why you might want to upgrade your phone. Get better specs, personal preference to change of device, among others. So what happens to your old phone? Here are five creative things you can do with your old phone.

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Use it as an Alarm and sleep tracker

Most of the phones come with a built-in clock and alarm system. You can still use your old phone to track your sleep. Just download a sleep tracking app, like Sleep Cycle. This app will let you know not only when you fell asleep, but also how well you actually slept. The data is presented in an easy-to-understand graph, which will be accompanied by details as well as ideas to help you sleep better in the future.

Use it as a gaming device

We all need the occasional break from working and what a way to use your break by playing games. Gaming allows you to use your creativity while developing your imagination, dexterity, cognitive, and emotional strength.

You can turn your old phone to a gaming device. To do so, just surf the Play Store for some games and install them on your phone for downtime relaxing.

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Use it as a free-standing security camera

With the aid of a third-party app, the camera on your old smartphone can let you keep an eye on your home, office or other property and even perform advanced functions like video recording and motion detection.

Just download any web camera application and follow its instructions to install and set up. Within moments, you’ll be able to see through your device’s lens from any compatible web browser and monitor your security remotely.

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Use it as a digital photo frame

You can use your old smartphone as a cloud-connected photo frame for your home or office. If you use Google Photos, just open up the app, tap on any photo in your main library or within a specific album and then tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and select “Slideshow.” The app will cycle through your photos and give you plenty of memories to reflect upon whilst relaxing or taking care of any other business.

Use it as an e-reader

For the readers, you can have a dedicated e-reader by using your old phone. Simply load it with only the apps you need for reading or any online libraries apps.

Be sure to disable notifications from Gmail and other apps, mainly social media or better still, switch your old smartphone into airplane mode once you’ve downloaded the content you need.

Hav your upgraded your phone and still have a functioning, if slow, smartphone. You should not just trash it. Here are 5 creative ways to use it. Share with us in the comments section, other ways you suggest.


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