What to do to avoid all Memory Card problems

We all know what it’s like to insert your camera memory card in your computer while waiting impatiently to see all those amazing photos you have on your camera. However, the only thing that you see is a card error. Or, in some unfortunate cases, you see an empty folder.

It happens to the best of us, too. Nearly everyone has issues with the memory card of the camera.Here are some tips on how to prevent this from happening.

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The card should be of high-quality. The card reader, too

You know that you get what you pay for. If you want your files to be protected at all times, you need to save some money for a good memory card and a good reader. It’s true, the reader only reads the card, but it could damage it, too. Try to buy a reader that was made by the same manufacturer as your card was.

Format the card in the camera

Every single time you are shooting photos, you need to make sure that the card is formatted as it is supposed to be. You need to format it if you want to structure the card for your camera only. If you reformat it in a different camera, or on your computer, then you might have to deal with errors at some point.

Remove the card after you turned off your camera

Everyone forgets to do this. This is important, as it is the best way to prevent issues with the card. Simply turn off the camera, and then remove the card. If you forget to do this and simply get the card out while the camera is still on, there is a huge chance that the camera is still reading those files from the card, and can damage all the data you have. If this has happened to you, try card recovery free.

Eject the card from the computer safely

If you simply take it out, you could cause data corruption, or damage it for good.

Don’t let the card get full

Most of the cameras come with a number on the screen, that shows how many photos you can take before the memory card is full. However, that number is just an estimate, and if you start to take photos after it is full, you might ruin it all. It’s better just to leave some extra shots empty on the card.

Keep your card safely

If you do this, you will protect the memory card’s contacts. There are many things that can damage your contacts, such as dust, water, even electricity. Even the smallest amount of these can make you say goodbye to it. People usually put their cards in device bags or in pockets. Make sure you avoid materials that are generators of static electricity. Buy an anti-static bag for your card and choose the easiest way to take care of your card.

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The battery should be full when you shoot

The battery of the camera is as important as your card, so you need to make sure that you don’t shoot when your battery is low. However, if you do this, your battery might run out when the camera is writing to your memory card, and this thing could make you lose all the data. If you want to prevent this – you probably do – you could switch out your batteries as soon as you see that the current battery of the camera is low.

Don’t delete photos while shooting

If you delete photos in the middle of a shoot, you can risk to corrupt the data on the card. It’s best if you delete photos from your computer, once you’ve uploaded them. To be sure, you might also want to make some backups with all the photos, in case you delete one by mistake.

If you see errors, you need to stop using the card

It doesn’t matter what kind of error it is; you need to stop using it. You might need to send it to a camera repair shop. These errors can also appear on your PC after you’ve plugged in the card.

Always backup

All the storage devices – even cameras – have a card lifespan. And the worst part is that you will never know when it’s going to end. You need a backup. It’s also best to have one or two new cards with you. You want to keep your photos, so it’s best to be better safe than sorry. However, if you did lose everything, you can try memory card recovery free.


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