Apple launch its Netflix competition: Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus

The whole buzz around Apple streaming service is finally here and carries the name Apple TV Plus with the Plus moniker differentiating it from the Apple TV service. Apple has spent a few billion bucks creating its own original content and recruiting stars like Oprah Winfrey, Jason Mormoa, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston and more to do that. That said, the launch event which took place in Steve Job’s center was focused more on services rather than devices with Apple shedding it release portfolio in the weeks before like the Airpod 2 release, iPad & iMac series update before the “It’s Showtime’ event. Some of the service launched by the tech giant includes Apple News Plus, Apple Card and Apple Arcade.

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The pricing for the service has not been made known yet but considering the competition out there from Amazon Prime, Hulu and above all Netflix, it should better be on the low. This service is scheduled to be launched towards the end of the year if everything goes well and would be available in over 100 countries. Also, it will be rolling out a new Apple TV app in May and a new Apple TV Channel too.

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The Apple TV Plus will be Ad free and have contents that you can either download or stream online through the Apple TV app. You will able to subscribe to other streaming services like Starz, CBS All Access, and HBO. However, to include Apple TV Plus, you will have to pay more but how much more has not been revealed yet. When it goes live, there will be an array of shows, drama, documentaries and more thanks to the creative minds Apple’s deep pocket was able to put to work.

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Nonetheless, Apple is relatively still new in this line of service and would have to offer contents that are interesting enough for people to want to pay for it. It has its name as an advantage and might just be like Apple Music that came and ended up in the number 2 position as a top music streaming service

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