Infinix 5 rear camera smartphone launching soon?

Nokia 9 Penta-Camera

Infinix is still in high gear after teasing the Infinix S4. However, a rumour above a Penta camera Infinix phone has started spreading on the web like a wildfire. The company may be all geared up to launch its first Infinix 5 rear camera smartphone. However, the rumour didn’t catch the name of the mysterious devices with the camera count of the Nokia 9 Pure view.

Information about this Infinix 5 rear camera device is still scanty. The device is also said to be an all screen Infinix smartphone. How about the notch? Will it have a pop-up selfie camera? Or will it have the ZTE Nubia style dual screen?

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We have seen Transsion Holdings brands pushing technologies to the midrange and affordable spectrum, but we are surprised by the camera count.


Is it time to level the ground between highend devices that have been flossing with multiple camera types like telephoto, monochrome and more? Will this device still be affordable? That is if it’s real anyways.

A statement from an Infinix Mobility official said in part: “One thing is certain in the wake of this speculation, an Infinix smartphone is coming soon and it will be a step in the right direction. With Infinix Mobility willing to experiment with new features in a smartphone market that is in dire need of some new ideas, 2019 might be the year for a technology like this to actually be released”.


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