How to Activate Data Manager on Your Airtel Kenya Line

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Many can relate to the pain of having all your airtime used up by your carrier’s expensive off-bundle data rates. Telecom companies are aware of this pain to their customers. To address this, many have a Data Manager in place. This is a server-side feature that allows customers to cut off their own internet connection immediately they run out of credit.

This ensures that no user airtime is used up on mobile data. This also means that users must have an active data bundle to be able to access the internet.

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Activate Airtel Kenya Data Manager

It is really simple to sign up, or more accurately, opt-into this service. All you need is to be an Airtel subscriber, regardless of your account or data balance.

To set up the Airtel data manager, simply Dial *544#, then choose Option 12 which is located on the next page. From there, you can check your status, activate or even deactivate the feature.

When this feature is enabled, your credit will no longer be devoured just because your data bundles ran out. Despite this being a feature that people won’t yap about; it is an excellent addition.

It is a welcome addition that has been long overdue. This is because Telkom and Safaricom both have had this feature available to their customers for years.

Despite being the second largest Telco in Kenya, Airtel Kenya has been lagging behind the other two in many aspects. First, it was last to roll out its 4G network, being beat to market by even the baby-telco, Jamii Telecom’s Faiba 4G. Then there’s this, provision of a data management feature.

Other ISPs like Safaricom, Telkom, and even Jamii Faiba also have a data management feature. The latter released this feature silently at the end of October after the company redirected the usual site to its main website.

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