What to Expect From Transsion (TECNO, Infinix, and itel) in 2021

Tecno Infinix Itel

2020 remade us. It broke down societal norms and habits and rebuilt them in survival mode as something new, different, and not always worse. Looking ahead this time, I know that tech products in 2021 will be informed by the year preceding year.

What I’m attempting here is to look at the new year through that prism of calamity. However, imagining what 2021 will look like, even just for tech, is risky. We thought, after all, we had a handle on what to expect in 2020, and we all know how that’s turned out.

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We’ll discuss here what to expect from Transsion Holdings, the parent company to itel, Tecno and Infinix in 2021. Looking at the trends, new tech, features and gadgets expected to brace our hands across the continent.

1. Infinix Widely Adopting USB-C

We have seen the Infinix brand sample the USB Type-C connectivity port in their high-end brands last year—the Infinix Note 8, Note 8i and the most-hyped Infinix Zero 8. Well, this could be the beginning of something positive from Transsion in terms of adopting new trends of tech.

2021 might be the year we notice USB Type C gracing the Infinix phones at the bottom of the pyramid. From the Hot series lineup to Smart series devices, this could be the year Transsion devices stop being outcasts when it comes to trending tech.

The USB-C connectivity technology hit the industry in 2015 and, ever since, has been widely embraced for its versatility and high transfer speed. It is set to become the defacto standard for the industry and Transsion has been keen to join the mix.

2. Not-So-Great Android Interface

Ask any TECNO user what they hate about their device and I bet they’ll say something about the terrible software experience. TECNO uses the HiOS UI Android skin that’s ridden with ads and annoying popups.

Infinix, on the other hand, runs a much cleaner XOS UI skin and itel devices mostly run on the Android Go project for entry-level smartphones.

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In terms of software experience, don’t expect anything new from the Transsion camp this year. If clean software experience is what you’re looking for in 2021, then it’s best you look elsewhere other than Transsion smartphones.

3. Flagship Prices Will Keep Rising

Let’s agree on a few things before we continue: the flagship lineup of Tecno mobile has always been the Camon series. Last year saw a huge leap in prices from Camon 15 to the latest phone in the lineup Camon 16.

Camon 15 is priced at UGX 551,000 meanwhile Camon 16 retails at UGX 1,050,000. That’s almost a 100% increase in price. Don’t expect the next phone in the lineup to cost less than that this year.

4. Diversification of Products: TVs, Smartwatches, Wireless Earphones

Last year in October, Infinix unveiled the X1 Smart TVs in Kenya. The 32-inch model started at Ksh19,500 while the 43-inch model cost Ksh 32,000. TECNO meanwhile joined the True Wireless earbuds pilgrimage with the remarkable TECNO Hipods H2.

itel unveiled a bunch of analog itel TVs in Nigeria last year and the sub-brand is on-road to launch an Andriod TV companion this year.

When you notice the pattern with all these diversifications of products, we expect to see new products, including smartwatches and fitness tracker watches.

We shall keep you posted about the new unfoldings from the Transsion camp this year when they release any new gadget across the continent so stay tuned to the blog.

None of this is written in stone. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that mankind plans while fate laughs its ass off.

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Tell us in the comment section what you are expecting from Transsion (itel, Tecno, and Infinix) this year?


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