Google Releases Standalone Apps for Google Docs and Sheets

Google has released standalone apps for its “Docs” and “Sheets” with “Slides” coming soon. The above apps are/were a part of Google Drive and worked just fine but Google saw the need to make them independent Apps. The biggest feature this time is most probably the offline support — meaning you can create or edit docs even  without an internet connection. According to the Google Drive Blog,

Every year, phones and tablets get better, and more of you are starting to use your mobile devices not just to view, but also to create and edit content. And while the Drive app is a convenient place to store your stuff, we want to make it easier for you to quickly find, edit and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go

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Google Drive, a very essential Google Application is like Microsoft Office but on the cloud and with a little bit more functionality. With Google Drive one is able to process documents, spreadsheets and Presentations. The best thing about Google Docs is that you you can actually collaborate on a document together with your colleagues wherever they may be and all you do is instantly saved on the cloud. Another convenience is being able to access your Docs anywhere whether you are on PC or on your smartphone or tablet

Google  Docs and Sheets Apps are available for download on both Android and iOS
If you don’t download the apps now, soon you will be prompted to download them when you use your google drive. We are not sure whether Google will kill or improve the drive but in the meantime, you will still be allowed to use your “Google Drive” App like you used to do

Image: WSJ


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