Apple Unveils iOS 15 With FaceTime SharePlay, Spatial Audio, Other Features

iOS 15

Apple has started its Worldwide Developers Conference for 2021 – on Monday, 7th June – and have unveiled a new operating system – iOS 15. This also comes with a bunch of new features to its suite of apps. One of the first features announced was for FaceTime.

Apple’s proprietary video app, FaceTime, comes with a number of impressive updates and features on iOS 15.

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In this post, we’ll take you through the new features added and what they can do.

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New FaceTime Features on iOS 15

1. Spatial Audio

FaceTime features spatial audio

Spatial Audio support comes to FaceTime and this will make it super easier to know who is speaking in a group call. It does this by making the audio seem to come from the portrait of the person talking at that moment. So, you don’t have to track other callers’ mouth movements before you know this. 

2. Voice Isolation

This is very relevant for people that are usually met with background noises during video chats. Voice isolation blocks out every other noise in the background and amplifies the speaker’s voice. This helps people on the other end to hear them without disturbances.

3. Portrait Mode

Like you already have with video conferencing platforms like Zoom, you can now use Portrait Mode while on a FaceTime call. This blurs out the background and places focus on the person in the video. Also appropriate to prevent distractions that might exist.

4. Facetime Links

You can now create or generate a link for FaceTime calls and send to other people to join from anywhere – even web. Web FaceTime calls are also end-to-end encrypted. FaceTime links can help with scheduling your calls so you can better manage time and schedule.

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5. SharePlay

With this feature, users can now have more shared experiences with callers on FaceTime. FaceTime users can listen to music and watch movies together, while on a call. For example, while on a FaceTime call, you can watch TikTok videos together and also use the messages section to chat. This feature also lets users share their screen on the app.

These are really fire updates to FaceTime which suggests that the platform might be optimising to replace certain video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, e.t.c

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference for 2021 ends on Friday, 11th June, 2021. Follow it HERE.


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