How to Always power on to HDMI device when Roku TV turns on

Here’s one cool about Roku Smart TV; you can instruct your Smart TV to connect straight to a specific HDMI connected device whenever your TV turns on. Say you have a Set-top-box or Pay TV decoder, Blu-ray player or streaming device connected to any of your HDMI ports, you can tell Roku to power on to your Set-top-box immediately the TV starts. Cool, right?

I actually have this feature turned on for my Amazon Fire TV stick I am currently reviewing. Whenever, my Roku TCL TV turns on, it immediately shows the Fire TV interface. An outside observer might actually think that my Roku TV is running on Fire TV OS. This is a lot more convenient and faster than selecting the HDMI device each time especially if you use that external device a lot.

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You can make this work by going to Home > Settings > System > Power > Power on > Select your HDMI Input for instance Fire TV stick. Now whenever the TV turns on, it immediately shows the Fire TV interface without you manually selecting it from the home screen. You should also name your HDMI inputs so you can easily recognize them. To name your HDMI inputs, go to Settings > TV inputs > Select an HDMI input > Rename.

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  1. Can you also mention what VPN will work best with Roku? I mean there are tons of options to choose from. The more you research the confusing it gets. Can you suggest the one to opt for such IPVanish, Ivacy, Tunnel Bear etc etc.. Thanks

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