How to Turn Smart Reply on or off in Google Docs

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Google’s AI powered Smart Reply feature is already available on some of its products including YouTube and Gmail. Google has now decided to extend the feature to Docs, its free Web-based word processor application that lets user create and format documents and work with other people. Google says this feature will help reduce the time it takes to respond to comments in Docs, by providing AI-generated responses to choose from.

The feature is already being rolled out to Google Docs users and will be available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers. Google say It should roll out automatically to everyone overtime and will be turned on by default. You can, however, decide to turn it off at any time. Here’s how to Turn Smart Reply on or off in Google Docs.

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Turn Smart Reply On or Off in Google Docs

  • Open the document where comments you want to respond to were made.
Smart Reply Google Docs
  • From the menu at the top, click Toolsand thenPreferences
Smart Reply Google Docs
  • To turn Smart Reply on or off, check the Show Smart Reply suggestions box.
  • Then, click Ok.

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How to Use a Suggested Reply

To accept a Smart Reply suggestion:

  • After selecting the comment you want to respond to, click on the suggestion that is the right response to the comment, and select Reply
  • You can edit and add more words to the suggestion by typing something into the reply box.
  • To reject a Smart Reply suggestion, type something else, entirely, into the reply box.

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In conclusion, if you have checked and you can’t find the Smart Reply in your Google Doc, you might have to wait a little longer as Google says it is releasing the feature gradually to its users.

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