How to Use the Shazam Chrome Extension to Identify What’s Play in Any Chrome Tab

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Imagine watching a tutorial video on YouTube from your favorite YouTube channel, on your computer, and there’s a song playing in the background that you find interesting and you’d like to know its title. Or you’re watching a movie on Netflix, on your computer as well, and you’re interested in knowing the titles of the songs playing in the background.

The ideal thing to do here would be to get your smartphone and “Shazam” the song, right? But imagine your smartphone was far away from you or you’re using headphones, what do you then do? This is where the Shazam Chrome Extension comes in handy.

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So, apparently, Apple quietly released Shazam to the Chrome Web Store as an extension in December of 2021. The Chrome extension works to identify what’s playing in your computer browser; on Netflix, YouTube video, Soundcloud mix, or in a Twitch streamed video game. But unfortunately, we hear it doesn’t work for all users just yet. 

Shazam Chrome Extension

Once you’ve installed the Shazam extension on Google Chrome, make sure you pin the extension. This is, so it appears on the extension icon tray on the top-right corner of your browser window – right next to the address bar. You will then need to go to the tab playing music and tap the Shazam extension icon. Once the song has been recognized, a drop-down will show you a shortcut to play the full song in Apple Music (you’ll need to sign in, though).

You should note that for some users, the Shazam extension does not work at all (for unknown reasons). A lot of users who have tried it out observed that the extension could not recognize any songs. It has, however, worked for others.

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Clearly, this Shazam Chrome Extension is a work in progress and even at the time of writing, the listing for the same seems to have been taken down as it is unavailable.

If anything, the existence of this Chrome Extension can be thought of as a proof of concept and if reports are to be believed, this might get re-released pretty soon and when that happens, we can’t wait for the convenience that it’s set to accord millions of Google Chrome users and music-heads all across the globe.

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For the uninitiated, Shazam is a music recognition app that helps people identify song titles since 2002.


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