The Best Electric Scooters of 2023


Asides from being a fun way to get around, electric scooters are the best way to avoid taking long walks or public transportation. And while in some cities, there are rentals, nothing beats having your own. You don’t have to bother about exceeding zone limits, finding out whether it’s charged, or leaving it at the nearest drop-off location. Luckily, different types of electric scooters are available in the market today. You can pick one on a budget, splurge on a high-end scooter or look out for various features. 

Irrespective of what you’re looking to get in an electric scooter, we’ve assessed several models in the market and curated a list. In this article, you’ll find some of the best electric scooters you can purchase in 2022, along with their features and prices. Keep reading to find your perfect fit. 

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1. Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max G30LP

Key Specifications

  • 20 miles per charge
  • 350Watts motor
  • 41.2 pounds
  • 220 pounds maximum rider weight
  • 42V, 2.9A battery
  • Rear brakes

Price: $900

Looking to cover a long distance in a single charge? This Segway model is your best bet. With a 20 miles per charge range, it’s a significant upgrade from other types of scooters. It has a powerful 350W motor that can reach up to 18.6mph. There’s also a smart battery management system that helps you preserve and extend the battery life so that it doesn’t depreciate over time. 

This scooter is UL-certified which means it meets all safety requirements like rental scooters. With the mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system, you can be assured of safe brakes at all times. Both wheels have shock absorbers that make rides comfortable even on speed bumps. There’s a clear LED display, several riding modes, and a built-in charger. The only drawback is that this scooter is heavy. Since it weighs more than 40 pounds, it can be heavy to carry around. 

2. Unagi Model One E500

Key Features

  • 275 pounds maximum rider weight
  • Rubber wheel material
  • 20mph speed
  • 250 Watts motor
  • 9Ah, 72000mah lithium-ion batteries
  • 15-mile range

Price: $1350

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Designed for rough and bumpy rides, the Unagi Model One is an excellent choice if you love a mix of functionality and sleek design. Despite its lightweight design, the strength is designed to be heavy-duty. It comes with a very bright display so you can see clearly even when it’s super sunny. You have access to head and taillights that even blink when you step on your brakes. This scooter has a very loud horn that you can access from the intuitive controls. 

You can reach up to 20mph with a maximum range of 15 miles depending on your load. However, if you choose to use the dual motors instead of a single one, your battery life might drop over time and this might mean you’d only cover a lesser mile range. The only downside to this scooter is that it’s expensive. However, if you can afford it, it’s a durable investment that’ll stand the test of time. 

3. Apollo Explore

Key Specifications

  • 1000 Watts motor
  • 52 pounds
  • 31 mph speed
  • 265 pounds maximum rider weight
  • 52v 18.2aH battery
  • 34 mile-range
  • Colored lights
  • 10-inch inflatable wheels

Price: $1190

Is speed your thing? Then the Apollo Explore is one electric scooter you should be looking to purchase. With its 1000 watts motor, you can scoot up to 31 miles in an hour. Plus, you don’t have to worry about bumpy roads thanks to the dual suspension tires. It also has a very attractive display – although this makes it difficult to read during the day. These lights also extend to all sides of the scooter. So you can see blue running lights guaranteed to make heads turn. While it might also seem pretty pricey, the speed, battery life, and mile range compensate for it. 

4. Go Trax GLX V2

Key Specifications

  • 26.5 weight pounds 
  • 250 watts motor
  • 15.5mph
  • 12 miles range
  • 220 pounds maximum rider weight
  • 36V 5.2aH Lithium-ion
  • 8.5-inch air-filled tires

Price: $349

Being an improvement on the GXL V1, this is the perfect electric scooter if you’re on a budget and not looking to go on long bumpy rides. Since it doesn’t have a long-range like the Unagi, it’s also not the fastest option available. However, it can move you around comfortably. The GXL V2 has very strong functional brakes that’ll halt your scoot whenever you need it to.

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It’ll also recharge in about fours and they are Underwriter labs certified. This scooter has a very stylish portable design which makes it easy to carry around and store.  You have access to a display that shows battery percentage, speedometer, cruise control, and headlight. 

5. Apollo City

Key Specifications

  • 56 pounds
  • 25-mile range
  • 220 maximum rider weight
  • 500 Watts motor
  • 48v 13.5ah
  • 27mph speed
  • 10-inch wheel size
  • Turn signals

Price: $1499

What sets this particular electric scooter from others is its turn signals. While riding it can be a hassle holding out your hands before you can make a turn. However, with this ride, you can easily turn on your lights – like a trafficator to notify other drivers when you want to turn left or right. Asides from this feature, it’s also a pretty solid scooter. And although it might not be as fast as the Apollo explore, it has a 500 watts motor that can transport you from one place to the other – bumpy roads inclusive. It has a fill suspension and puncture-resistant tires guaranteed to give you comfortable rides.

This scooter is fast, durable and you can customize it for a better look via the app. The only downside to it is that it’s heavy. So it might be a lot of work carrying it down a staircase or if it ever runs out of power. Also, some might refer to it as pricey. 

6. Swagtron Swagger 5 Electric Scooter

Key Specifications

  • 300watts motor
  • 320 pounds weight limit
  • 27.5 pounds
  • Accompanying Swagtron app
  • 36v battery
  • 11-mile range
  • 18mph speed

Price: $379.99

Are you on the plus side and want to have fun without too many weight restrictions? The Swagtron is designed for bigger riders. With a weight of 27.5 pounds that can support up to 320 pounds from its rider, this is a compact yet sturdy scooter. It has a shock absorber and it comes with a phone mount which is great if you use GPS or prefer to track your speed and battery on the Swagtron app. The Swagtron Swagger 5 has a finetuned 36v battery that can last for up to 11 miles per charge. It also makes up for the range with fast charging that completes within 3.5 hours. 

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 The speed is a bit faster than other Swagtron devices and the motor is an upgrade as this is a 300w motor. We recommend that you consider this model if you’re also on a budget.  However, this scooter is not ideal for long travels as it has a limited range. It’s also not sturdy enough for bumpy or hilly rides. There have also been some complaints about a slow takeoff. 

7. Glion Dolly

Key Specifications

  • 28 pounds
  • 36 v 7.8ah battery
  • 250-watt motor
  • 255 pounds weight limit
  • 15mph speed
  • 15-mile range
  • Accompanying kickstand

Price: $599

Do you still take public transportation? Are you looking to take your scooter on it with you for rides after commuting? Then the Glion Dolly is an ideal electric scooter you should consider. Weighing about 28 pounds, this foldable scooter is easy to carry when mounting a flight of stairs. When you’re not on a ride, you can carry it around like a suitcase, plus it has an accompanying kickstand to ensure that it remains upright on its own. 

It can cover up to 15 miles on a single charge at a 15-mile-per-hour speed limit. So it’s ideal if you just want to roam about in a small city. What we also love about this scooter is that it has a very bright headlight which is very functional during night rides. The only downside to this scooter is its small hard rubber tires that make your ride bumpier than usual. And since it doesn’t have any suspension, we don’t recommend this for rides along hills. 

8. Razor E100

Key Specifications

  • 100 Watt motor
  • Dual 12-volt battery
  • 22 pounds
  • 10-mile range
  • 120 pounds rider limit

Price: From  $128.00

Want to get something for the kids? The Razor E100 is an ideal scooter for kids who’d like to get around town safely.  This is why it comes in different colors and styles so you have a variety of options to choose from when picking out one for your kid. Unlike other scooters, it has a hand-operated front brake and no reflectors or bells. This is why it’s important to purchase an accompanying helmet and limit their scooting areas. You can also purchase these as add-ons from the nearest bike shop. 

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Luckily, this electric scooter only offers about 10 miles per hour at a 10-mile range which amounts to 40 minutes drive per charge. So you don’t have to worry about your kids going far away. But, it’s durable enough to commute along speed bumps and hills. The downside of this scooter is that it uses a chain-drive motor which makes it a little noisier. You’d also need to maintain it over time. 

We hope you’ve found this article insightful and that you’ve been able to easily identify the right scooter for your needs. Do let us know which of these electric scooters you’d be opting for in the comments below. Also, share this post with your friends and family so they can make an informed decision too. 

Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy


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