List of Contacts For All Emergency Services in Kenya

The list of medical emergencies that require immediate evacuation is endless. By definition, an emergency is a serious unexpected situation that requires immediate action. Not having the right contacts for such a situation can turn out to be a fatality real quick. This is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the emergency services contacts in Kenya for you. As you may know, most ambulances come with both basic and advanced medical equipment for medical support and qualified staff. This means an ambulance can be self-sufficient in terms of life support facilities.

If you do not see any contact for an ambulance service in your area, consider contacting the nearest hospital to you and ask for an ambulance contact. In Kenya, and globally by extension, emergency medical services are not limited to ambulances and hospitals only, thus we have also put together contacts for such. This includes the fire fighting department, child abuse, missing persons, the police, KPLC, etc. The government also has numbers that you can call for any type of emergency and you will be directed to the appropriate service provider. These are 999, 911, and 112

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1. Contacts For Ambulance Services

There are very many cases where you may need to use ambulance services. For example, you may need to migrate a patient from one hospital to another, maybe for referral services. You may also need to use an ambulance to transport a discharged patient from a hospital to home, or vice versa. Ambulances are also called upon at accident scenes to transport casualties to the nearest hospital.

Emergency Services Contacts Kenya
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There are more than enough reasons why you need to have contacts for an ambulance service near you. If it is not a life-threatening situation, you can spare some time and make calls to a couple of them. That way you can compare prices and get the best deal. Though you can dial 999, 911, or 112 and request an ambulance, below is a list with contacts of the main ambulance service providers.

 InstitutionEmergency ContactsAreas Available Email Address
1Kenya Red Cross or E-Plus Kenya0700 395 395All 47 Counties[email protected]
0738 395 395
2Critical Care Ambulance Services Limited0716 400 500, 0728 918 000, 0735 844 904Pumwani Nairobi
3St John’s Ambulances0721 225 285Nairobi
4St John’s Ambulances0723-956649,Kisumu[email protected]
5St John’s Ambulances0721-392223,Mombasa[email protected]
6St John’s Ambulances0718-189671Kakamega[email protected]
7St John’s Ambulances0721-355773,Nakuru[email protected]
8St John’s Ambulances0724-418811Nyeri[email protected]
9Intensive Care Air Ambulances0722-600600,Nairobi[email protected]
020- 602767
10AAR Health Emergency0725 225 225,Nairobi[email protected]
0734 225 225,
0709 701 000,
11AAR Health Emergency0734 444470Kisumu[email protected]
12AAR Health Emergency0729 933559Mombasa[email protected]
13Avenue Rescue Services020-3743858,Mombasa, Nakuru, Nairobi, Ongata Rongai, Eldoret and Kisumu.[email protected]
0711 060 000,
0732 175 000.
14OCOA Ambulance Service0758 692 000.Nairobi County[email protected].
15Josmori Ambulance0700 767 664Mombasa County
16Ivory Health Solutions0726 998 880,Nairobi county
0786 998 880.Kiambu County
17Radiant Ambulances0717 666 695Nairobi County[email protected]
0717 666 626
0725 532 000
18Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital020 8022 676Nairobi County
19AMREF Flying Doctors0722-207350,Country Wide[email protected]
20Kenyatta National Hospital0738 606 409,Nairobi County[email protected]
020 2726300,
020 272 5272
21Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH)0701 393 979Uasin Gishu County
22Nyeri County Health Services Ambulances0717 001 649Nyeri County
23Red Cross0722 774 693Nyeri County
0720 596 661
24Consolata Mathari Mission Hospital0729 098 324 0203536939Nyeri County
25Mary Immaculate Hospital0723 576 106Nyeri County
26Outspan Hospital0722 696 901Nyeri County
0712 030 742
27PCEA TumuTumu Hospital0720 948 474Nyeri County
28Mewa Ambulance0716292 798Mombasa County
29Pandya Mission Hospital0722 206 424Mombasa County
30Gertrude Children’s Hospital020 720 6000, Nairobi County
0730 645 000Kiambu County
0709 529 000
31Bliss Medical Centre0780 328 381Country Wide
0730 704 000

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2. Contacts For Major Hospitals

We have also gathered contacts for most of the major hospitals in the country, below is a tabulation of their contacts.

1The Nairobi Hospital020 2845000,
020 2714400,
0722 204 114/5/6/7,
020 2713662,
020 2728003
2The Mater Hospital0719 073 000
0732 163 000
0719 073 000
0732 163 000
3MP Shah Hospital020 4291 100
0722 204 427
0733 606 113
4Aga Khan University Hospital020366 2025
020 3740000,
0722 204 146
5Sayyida Fatimah Hospital0729 410 016
6Mbagathi County Hospital020 2724712
0721 311 808
7Kenyatta National Hospital0738606409,
020 2726300,
8Mathare Hospital020 3763315/7,
0731 649 846
9Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital011 0052 150
10Nakuru Level 6 Hospital0758 722 032
051 2215 580
11Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital057 2020 801
057 2020 803
057 2020 321
12Avenue Hospital020 3744 554
13Gertrude Garden Children’s Hospital0722 898 949
020 720 6000,
020 244530/1,

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3. Contacts For Other Emergency Services In Kenya

There also exist other types of emergency services such as the Kenya Police and the fire brigade, below is their contacts.

 Emergency ServiceContacts
1Fire Brigade/Fire Emergency999
2Kenya Police Service999
3Kenya Police Headquarters0726 035 455
020 341 411
4Kenya Power and Lighting Co. (KPLC) Hotline97771
5Gender-Based Violence (GBV)1195
6Child Abuse116
0722 116 116
7Missing Child Report0800 223 344
8Report suspicious activity (Police)0800 722 203

Now that we have compiled for you all direct contacts for emergency services providers in Kenya, you will not be caught pants down if you happen to find yourself in an emergency situation. We will also keep updating this list with new service providers as we get their contacts. Have you contacted or used any of the above services before? Kindly let us know your experience, good or bad, through the comments section below.

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