Grammarly Go: About Grammarly’s New Generative AI Writing Assistant

grammarly go

Grammarly isn’t lagging behind in the AI takeover. Being one of the earliest companies to introduce writing assistants through AI, Grammarly recently incorporated generative AI into their experience. 

This means, while the software is already an editing tool, it’s pretty much added some interesting features through Grammarly GO, that’ll make your writing and editing experience so much easier.  

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This post will give you insights into what updates you can expect to see with this new development to the Grammarly experience. 

What is Grammarly GO?

Grammarly GO is a generative AI assistant that helps you write, brainstorm, repurpose and even review content through insights it gets from your preset goals. 

Similar to other AI writing assistants, this tool is built on GPT-3. However, what makes it stand out is that it’s aware of context and offers personalized suggestions based on your voice or brand style. 

You can use Grammarly Go on Grammarly for Windows, Mac, Edge, Chrome and the Grammarly Editor. It’s also accessible on third-party apps like Medium, Linkedin, Gmail, MS Word and Google Docs.

What Can Grammarly GO Do?

This latest version of the Grammarly software comes with many unique features. These features help make your work easier through their assistive capabilities. Here are a few things you can do with this new software;

1. Generate context-based replies

Perhaps this is the most unique feature this generative AI tool has because you no longer have to dread replying to messages. Through the Desktop App or Chrome Extension, you can use Grammarly GO in other apps like Medium, Linkedin, and Gmail, to mention a few.

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Once you have the app installed, open up your email and tap on the icon. Choose the response feature and give the AI some context on the message you’re responding to. 

Since it understands context, it will offer you some quick prompts – similar to the ones you get on Gmail.  Of course, you can request for a longer reply to offer your recipient a more detailed response. 

2. Personalize your writing tone

Generally, Grammarly can detect tones to show you how your content sounds or the emotions it conveys. On Grammarly GO, you can tweak how your content sounds with just a button. 

So once you tap on the emoji button, you can set the output to be either more formal, casual, appreciative or whatever your preferred tone is. The AI will then rewrite your content to better fit into the tone and style you need it to be. 

This makes writing easier because you don’t need to describe how the tone should be to get what you want.  This means you can submit a paper or a text and tweak it to sound more professional or edit an entire essay to sound more friendly. It’s up to you.

Personalization also includes the dialect you write in. So rather than thinking about whether your word should be “center” or “centre”, simply select what English dialect you want to write in and begin.

3. Compose content from writing prompts

Similar to Google Bard, Bing AI and ChatGPT, Grammarly GO can now compose content or text based on whatever prompts you enter. Unfortunately, the text it shares sounds robotic and it doesn’t exactly do well with long-form content. However, you’d get more correct and up-to-date information especially when compared to GPT.

Although this feature still needs a lot of improvements, you can use other features to rewrite and personalize the output you’d get. We’re certain that once it integrates with GPT-4, it’ll definitely be more refined with its results. 

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4. Summarize long text

Grammarly Go also has a summarising functionality that helps you reduce the length of your content. So whether you get an overly long prompt from the compose feature or you’d like to cut down words in your research project to meet a word count, you can do it all. 

Simply prompt your AI assistant on this app, and it’ll trim the content without cutting out any of the important stuff. 

5. Brainstorm and get content ideas

If you’re experiencing writer’s block, you can simply use the tool to generate ideas around keywords or topics you have in mind. It’ll provide outlines you can use to create a full-length article. These ideas won’t just stop there of course. While writing, you’d get some prompts to help you write even faster and better. 

It’s also great for getting insights on ways to improve your copy or content. Think of it as a self-editing tool. This works with the Grammarly editor. Simply paste your content and prompt it to improve what you already worked on. It can offer structural changes or insights on some questions you might have failed to answer with the article. 

How to Switch to Grammarly Go

Once you have a functioning Grammarly account, you automatically have access to Grammarly Go. However, you’d get a prompt when you’re on a business account. To switch to the new version here’s what to do; 

On the Grammarly Editor

  • Launch the Grammarly editor on your browser
  • Tap on the Grammarly Go button located on the right side of your screen
grammarly go on editor
  • Usually, you’d see a prompt similar to the image above

PS: if you don’t see the prompt or button, it means it’s either unavailable in your region or your account admin has turned off access to this feature.

On the Chrome Extension and Desktop App

  • Launch the document you’d like to edit
  • On the bottom of your screen or page, tap on the green bulb icon beside the Grammarly icon

How Much Does it Cost?

The subscription is tied to whatever Grammarly plan you’re on. If you’re on the free plan, you get 100 monthly prompts. This automatically resets each month. 

For users on the business plan, you get 1000 monthly prompts for each member. You can compare other features across these plans here

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Wrapping Up

Grammarly is determined to improve its recommendations and assistive capabilities by upgrading its AI. Grammarly Go is a great start and over time, we’ll be seeing even more advanced features. We recommend trying this product while it’s still in beta to get high-quality content for half the work. 


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