What’s coming to Android 15: Top features you should know

Android 15 is already around the corner. Google has already released the first developer preview of the next version of Android to developers. Android 15 builds on top of previous versions to bring new incremental changes to over 7 billion devices worldwide. The official and final build of Android 15 is most likely going to be released during Google’s IO event at the middle of year.

That said, here’s a summary of new features and improvements coming to Android 15:

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  • Partial Screen Recording: This feature will allow users to record only a specific app window rather than the entire screen, making it easier to share or record just the content they need without showing the rest of the screen or notifications. This is definitely a great privacy boost. For instance, you will be able to screen record a browser session without accidentally revealing your private Whatsapp texts.
  • Floating Windows: Android 15 introduces floating windows, a feature that lets you resize any app to fit on the display without taking up its entire width. This can be overlaid onto another app, providing a more flexible and efficient use of screen space.
  • Improvements to the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF): ADPF now includes new capabilities such as a power efficiency mode for hint sessions, enabling better management of power and thermal systems of Android devices. This is particularly useful for optimizing performance and preventing overheating.
  • File Integrity with FileIntegrityManager API: Android 15 introduces a new developer feature with the FileIntegrityManager API, which uses the “fs-verity” feature in the Linux kernel. This ensures that files are protected by custom cryptographic signatures, preventing tampering or corruption. This leads to improved security by protecting users against potential malware or unauthorized file access.
  • Lockscreen Widgets: After being removed in Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android 15 brings back lockscreen widgets, allowing users to display widgets like calendar, clock, weather, and stocks on the lockscreen. However, this feature might be exclusive to certain devices, such as the Pixel Tablet.
  • Battery Health Percentage: Android 15 introduces a new way to track battery health, providing users with a more detailed understanding of their device’s battery condition.
  • More control over notifications: Android 15 is bringing cooldown periods which will prevent an app from spamming you with notifications.

These features aim to enhance user experience, improve device performance, and provide new functionalities that were not available in previous versions of Android.

You can tell, most ordinary users won’t even notice any changes at all. Most of them are very incremental in nature and are transparent to users. If you have a Pixel 6, 7, 8, Pixel Fold and Tablet, you should be able to download and install the first developer preview. Keep in mind that this is a developer build and will be unstable and is therefore not recommended for daily use.


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