Spark 3 series: Here is What’s new on the upgraded devices

Tecno Spark 3 series

TECNO mobile launched the Spark 3 and Spark 3 Pro at a colourful ceremony at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel on 6th May 2019. The Spark 3 series replaces last year’s TECNO Spark 2 and presented a couple of improvements over, over their predecessor and other TECNO devices.

The Spark 3 and Spark 3 Pro not only comes with a classy and trendy appearance reminiscent of the Camon 11 but also come powered by the latest version of HiOS. This means that the duo embraces the new improvements in TECNO’s customized Android skin, and they will be the only TECNO phones with the features until the release of a newer device.

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With a reduced visual thickness of 5.75mm, along with a composite back glass plate, the SPARK 3 series are noticeably thinner and easier to grip (5.75mm of the Spark 3 series Vs 7.8 mm of the Spark 2). The Spark 3 devices are available in four stylish colours – Midnight Black, Champagne Gold, Bordeaux Red and Aqua Blue and retails at an RRP UGX 429,000 for Spark 3 and RRP UGX 489,000 for Spark 3 Pro.

The new Spark 3 does not offer premium features such as waterproofing, ultra-fast charging and hardened glass build material. However, it comes with more features than many devices in its price range. The Spark 3 series bring 4G network, which was left out on the Spark 2.

Here is what’s new on the Spark 3 series. Most of these are similar to what’s new in XOS 5 Cheetah which comes on the newly launched Infinix S4.

What’s new on the Spark 3 series?

AI Bright Camera

The SPARK 3 cameras come furnished with AI technologies and high configuration for brighter photos that result in high quality, bright and smooth pictures.

  • Skin —— SPARK 3 can recognized different face features and tones and give the most suitable level of “re-touch” and “lighting” automatically to your photos, which including skin polish, dispel freckle, remove acne, remove the pouch and black rim of the eye.
Cameras on the Spark 3 series have AI Beauty
  • 3D Face Fine-tuning —— SPARK 3 AI camera can cover 18 face dimensions to enable 3D face fine-tuning. Also help to enhance hair contrast and colour saturation, highlight your forehead, nose, lips. It even smartly increases the eyelids to both left and right to extend the eyeliner, you can get the beautiful photo just in one second without having make-up.
  • Mix Flash 2.0 —— The SPARK 3 comes with an 8MP front camera, F2.0 large aperture, 4P lens, 78° selfie angle and adjustable front flash, adding the front flash and brighter screen, SPARK 3 series is sure to give the best experience while taking photos, doing video chat, playing games and watching videos.

Spark 3 series have Smart Voice Assistant

TECNO SPARK 3 comes armed with a smart voice assistant. When you enable this function, your SPARK 3 can broadcast your messages, important news, appointments and reminders. You can also enable driving mode to automatically text back a caller informing them that you are driving and will send feedback soon.

Invisible Privacy

TECNO SPARK 3 has a special feature to protect consumers’ privacy. You can set up your personal APP (for example, Tinder) “invisible” from your mobile phone desktop, so you will be the only person who knows where your private APP is.

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