Infinix Note 6 first impressions: New X-Pen wields mightier skills

Infinix Note 6

There are only a few styli enabled smartphone options on the market and most of these go for crazy high prices. But what if you can’t afford the Galaxy Note 9s of this world? There is a new affordable option from Infinix, the Infinix Note 6. If you are out in the market looking for a device with a stylus on a budget, the Infinix Note 6 is your best buy. We have had the recently launched device for a few days, seen its specs and here are our Infinix Note 6 first impressions before we give the detailed review.

Infinix Note 6

Just like the Galaxy Note series, the Infinix Note 6 comes with an X-Pen with is buried in the chassis of the phone in a compartment on the bottom right which can be removed by pressing. When removed, you get some quick options such as creating a note, writing a memo, taking screenshots and more which we found very interesting. We shall see more of what this AI-powered X-Pen can accomplish in the Infinix Note 6 review.

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The new AI-Powered X-Pen

Elsewhere, the Full HD AMOLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio is stunning with mesmerizing true blacks. We have not yet tested the display under bright light but Infinix has not disappointed in the past.

The metal design is an exciting reintroduction. We can finally keep the fingerprint wipers away. The metal body is not prone to fingerprints. However, this aging look is a tad boring. While everyone is in the race for a true full-screen smartphone, the Note 6 tries to defy the status quo with chunky bezels. On a positive side, the Infinix Note 6 is thinner than the Note 5 but this comes at a loss of 500mAh off the battery.

Infinix Note 6 has a metal design

The back of the phone has a vertically arranged advanced triple camera system packed with AI capabilities. At the top level, there’s a 2-megapixel depth sensor, a 16MP shooter main shooter in the middle and an 8MP wide-angle lens. There’s also a 16-megapixel front-facing camera. The initial photos we took were awesome, typical of Infinix cameras. However, we haven’t tested all the camera modes at the moment- we shall do all that in the final review.

Infinix Note 6

The 4,000mAh took us 2 and a half days on moderate usage. It is impressive to see that even with reduced battery capacity, Note 6 has almost the same battery stamina as the 4,500mAh Note 5. We don’t want to be quick to make that deduction; we shall do further tests in the final review.

On the downside, a lack of Android One on the Infinix Note 6 may create a few sad faces. It comes with Android Pie and XOS 5 Cheetah which is great in many areas. XOS 5 presents many new features like intelligent voice broadcast, smart panel and more. However, it misses out on the cleanliness of Android One. We would be happier if there was no bloatware.

Other premium features include the 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of Ram. The Infinix Note 6 is pretty fast to respond and we haven’t noticed any serious performance defects. However, we shall do further tests as we compile a full-blown review of the Infinix Note 6. It’s not yet clear whether Infinix will launch a more spacious version of the device. We’ve reached out for confirmation on potential release dates and price.

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Infinix launched three colour options for the device. We received the Mocha Brown version but the Midnight Black and Aqua Blue options look stunning too.

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