?php /** * The base configurations of the WordPress. * * This file has the following configurations: MySQL settings, Table Prefix, * Secret Keys, WordPress Language, and ABSPATH. You can find more information * by visiting {@link http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php Editing * wp-config.php} Codex page. You can get the MySQL settings from your web host. * * This file is used by the wp-config.php creation script during the * installation. You don't have to use the web site, you can just copy this file * to "wp-config.php" and fill in the values. ** * @package WordPress */ // ** MySQL settings - You can get this info from your web host ** // /** The name of the database for WordPress */ define('DB_NAME', 'dignited_digknighted73'); /** MySQL database username */ define('DB_USER', 'dignited_knight'); /** MySQL database password */ define('DB_PASSWORD', 'A082935459fjonp'); /** MySQL hostname */ define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); /** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */ define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8'); /** The Database Collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. */ define('DB_COLLATE', ''); define('JETPACK_IP_ADDRESS_OK', ''); /**#@+ * Authentication Unique Keys and Salts. * * Change these to different unique phrases! * You can generate these using the {@link https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt/ WordPress.org secret-key service} * You can change these at any point in time to invalidate all existing cookies. This will force all users to have to log in again. * * @since 2.6.0 */ //define('AUTH_KEY', 'RV#77=Ww%?#2e_mH^_ ;[}JE!S[]>0(kk9oZ[/n8P?6!0NkV](eOKE1yIT4l[gT;'); //define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', 'l%WN8K 2i.#&w`S^+vlLRqMG}gbg eGzGnE+`PP#&9JiZhQy07_&Eqt3N24dJ3qo'); //define('LOGGED_IN_KEY', 'noYH#^@EA92J]{TR)U86Vlv`.4~sQEzV~5usxr-g>!DD5vX[X$8{TpCPsgY83tLM'); //define('NONCE_KEY', 'a/WVFN,>?W*|n.|BO%9r:#Ri;ydz37*/?Xr#hrQg8(^jYZj[O(&bE0mevFoz~{[X'); //define('AUTH_SALT', 'SEf3{dUr+lNWO#Qb=_$T3C.2ZZ+]:soQ3 ?58Rcj#zkB(32#Ygw?2{kU{+rk<}xa'); //define('SECURE_AUTH_SALT', '-!C<8QX>1+ZOL-Y&J3YcTN(AsDHY5J!>FkGse[PCje{H^HjRGLEm9B>rvT]m!OQ#'); //define('LOGGED_IN_SALT', 'SNE(7` N#EU3Ce;)#ayAM maaG5D+|7N8hs9*igp!|~.$|O0ob1e`wQC 5pHCzs*'); //define('NONCE_SALT', '.u%Y:hPij4]YlG#9LVz@UNGA_6uB_RtW:)WFCM(,I1,$gFxX*G3XaoCf nChESy`'); define('AUTH_KEY', 'O~+s/:k|tY1mwe87,y[27#Hko+C*[JN-uLx:tra>6xZZBcWw~,d[8-dz}Fh%[)]@'); define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', 'IL{<%|!Oe6`2Y!MPB|ra5L$R(1Fu^jMNpUUr|b62YXiYM9r]zK95^uU!RJZqDwo '); define('LOGGED_IN_KEY', 'I[+6U)]s];G{PKT+lOW.k}PVhZl$Y3O2!`|o~AT]@%|2&O6r_iC=T3M|WXKVE6r9'); define('NONCE_KEY', '{TYht:tP/(lLb,NRe/x,hzB-[h8d_{AU^x`Fv-Fs|$p-I B