A Look at the New DataKing Bundles From Smile Uganda

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It’s coming to a week now since Smile Communications launched the DataKing Bundles. The new data bundles are really attractive and first of their kind. Let’s digest and have a deep dive look at what the new DataKing bundles offer.

What’s the Catch?

First off, DataKing offers you access to your favorite internet activities at a data speed of up to 21Mbps. The claim upfront is disputable but Smile bundles are known to be reliable and fast which should give you a gauge of what they expect to deliver to customers.

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Stream, surf, watch, download, and play games for 30 days with a data volume of 115GB at UGX222,000. If the DataKing bundle is used up but not expired, Smile Uganda gives you 1GB daily, absolutely FREE, until your DataKing bundle expires. That is, if the 115GB depletes after a week or two, you will get 1GB free till the end of the month.

Note: Smile DataKing bundle balance is not carried forward past 30 days of the bundle validity.

Dataking Bundles vs. Competition?

In the monthly bundle’s fraternity, DataKing bundles are a great catch, especially with the perks of adding you additional 1GB daily bundles until your expiry date which is after 30 days.

Here are top-of-the-line monthly bundles from the top 3 mobile ISPs in the country. Compare and contrast to see how the DataKing Bundles differ.

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Keep in mind, none of these ISPs (except Smile Uganda) add additional bundles when your data expires before the end of the month.

MTN UgandaAfricellAirtelDataKing Bundles
Data Volume170GB 120GB 65GB at 115GB

Lets us know in the comment, which monthly data offer do you use and why? Smile DataKings looks undisputable and offers the best overall monthly bundles.


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