WhatsApp for iPad: What Should We Expect?


There are indications that WhatsApp will be releasing a native app for Apple’s iPad very soon. This is as part of an updated multi-device support initiative that’s currently being worked on. It is really exciting news for users on the iPadOS as they haven’t used WhatsApp on the tablet since its launch.

The multi-device support feature will let users sync their WhatsApp profile across multiple devices – 1 smartphone, 4 other devices. Initially, there wasn’t support for users on iPadOS but the situation will soon change with a “Multi-device 2.0” initiative.

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According to a tweet by @WABetainfo, it says that “WhatsApp is finally working on multi-device 2.0, and you can use iPad as a new linked device. Android tablets are also planned to support multi-device on WhatsApp for Android! It’s under development and it will be released in a future update.”

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What Should We Expect From WhatsApp For iPad?

Here are a couple of things to expect from this new update when it finally goes live.

  • iPadOS Independence: Under multi-device 2.0, the WhatsApp app on the connected devices won’t need the host device to work. This means you’d be able to use your iPadOS WhatsApp independently without connecting with your primary device first.
  • Cross-device Sync: Following on the above, your WhatsApp chats across devices will definitely be synced. Hence, you should be able to start a chat on your primary device, and if it goes off, continue that chat on your iPad.

Currently, iPad users are able to connect to WhatsApp via the web. It’s impressive that there’d now be a native app to ease user experience on the device.

In another new WhatsApp feature release, they are redesigning contact info on iOS to business contacts. The update will show clearer pieces of information about a business account on the app. It’ll also make sending messages, making calls, or sharing contact information a lot simpler.

Let us know in the comments if you’re excited by the upcoming iPadOS WhatsApp native app. Maybe Instagram also has something similar in the works? Please, share your thoughts.

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